Loose Women star breaks silence on 'feuds' with co-stars and behind the scenes beef | The Sun

Loose Women star breaks silence on 'feuds' with co-stars and behind the scenes beef | The Sun

LOOSE Women star Charlene White has set the record straight on feud rumours with her co-stars.

The I'm A Celebrity star, 42, has denied any rift with her fellow Loose ladies and said there is "no animosity".

Charlene said it’s not fair that people accuse women of falling out all the time, saying it wouldn’t be the same for men.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Charlene said: "There is no feud at all, it's such a lazy thing to sort of say that a group of women together, there must be animosity.

"It's not like that at all, it's a lot of love and a lot of heart and lot of respect among us."

The TV favourite also squashed rumours of any squabbles backstage.


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She said the Loose ladies are a tight-knit team and enjoy letting their hair down on rare nights out.

Sharing the best thing about about being a panel member, Charlene said: "I get to hang out with my mates – we all went out for a leaving do the other night and because there is so many of us, it can be difficult to get us all in one place at one time.

"That's the most amount that we've managed to get together in one go for about two and a half years, so it was really really nice to all be out together and having a good time."

The newsreader said she enjoys a night out as much as the next person and joked that she is one of the "wildest".

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"I got home at three in the morning – it was me, Judy [Love] and Brenda [Edwards] and a few of the producers that were in Heaven nightclub at half two in the morning – so I'd say I'm one of the wildest," Charlene laughed.

It comes after co-star Nadia Sawalha addressed "feud" rumours – saying "people always expect us to argue just because we're women"

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Nadia said: "There is no feud – I think it's that thing where people always expect women must be arguing, we honestly get on so well."

She continued: "When the audience are there and they see it get a bit heated, they will see us literally finish a topic and then go into the commercial break and then go 'can I have one of your crisps'…we just laugh it off backstage."

While Denise Welch said that she and her fellow panel members are simply "set in their ways".

Denise told us: "I'm not afraid to be passionate and committed about something, we all have different views, we're great friends.

"I do get upset that people are trying to make out that we're always in some backstage feud.

"I haven't fallen out with any of them in 20 years – but we have very feisty debates."

Denise added: "It's a show that encourages and appreciates older women, so we're all going to be a bit set in our ways because we all have our own opinions."

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