Louis Tomlinson Definitely Not Thrilled About That 'Euphoria' Sex Scene with Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson Definitely Not Thrilled About That 'Euphoria' Sex Scene with Harry Styles

In an animated fan-fiction sequence, the former One Direction bandmates are seen engaging in a graphic sex act.

One Direction was at one time the biggest band on the planet, so it’s no surprise that they would have captured the imaginations of their young fans. But Louis Tomlinson seems to think HBO’s new "Euphoria" took that adoration a little too far.

The singer, and former member of 1D, took to Twitter on Monday morning after the latest episode of HBO’s controversial teen drama to say just how he felt about it, responding to a fan who questioned whether or not he and former bandmate Harry Styles were consulted about the episode or if their permission was sought.

Let’s just say things got a little hot and heavy in the fantasy sequence between the two singers, and there was absolutely no doubt this saga was heading into slash fiction territory (i.e. fanfic featuring same-sex romantic couplings)

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise narratively, as the moment came from the mind of Kat (portrayed by Barbie Ferreira), a fan-fiction writer in the show. Where it gets a little sticky for some fans is that the show chose then to animate her fanfic story featuring fictionalized versions of Tomlinson and Styles.

Let’s just say the scene culminated in Harry performing oral sex on Louis and that was enough to set off a lot of 1D fans on social media as the episode was airing Sunday night.

By the following day, Tomlinson himself had chimed in, responding to one of those fans who said they were hopeful that Tomlinson and Styles had approved their likeness being used for this scene.

"I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it," Tomlinson said shortly. What was left unsaid was a strong implication that he would not have approved it and doesn’t appear to be in favor of what went down.

Feelings online were mixed, with many coming out against the "larry" fanfic scene, while others are blaming the 1D fan community that had created this same fanfic pairing years ago, saying that HBO only did this because it was something that already existed in the zeitgeist.

The big question for fans, though, was whether or not HBO has the right to do this without first securing the permission of the two men depicted in the sequence. It was obvious who they were and the show made no effort to change their names or modify their identities, but they are also public figures and this could quite clearly be deemed parody, and thus protected under law.

So while there may be little recourse for the members of One Direction or the Directioners to do anything about it, at least they have the freedom to commiserate together on social media … and totally pretend that this was something "Euphoria" came up with all on its own.

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