Love Island Australia's Blake and Margarita in X-rated romp under the duvet

LOVE Island Australia viewers were left 'shaken' as they watched the first X-rated romp of the current series.

New girl Margarita paired up with Blake as three Islanders were sent home and just hours later were getting frisky under the duvet.

As the second season of the reality series comes close to an end, Margarita and Blake spent their first night in bed.

The cameras panned across the bedroom as the coupled-up Islanders shared kisses before going to sleep, but things definitely escalated between the newest couple.

"I'm really horny," Margarita told Blake as he played big spoon and admitted, "me too".

The pair then got up to some raunchy action under the sheets, which caught the attention of the other Islanders in the room.

"Wow, that was unexpected," Margarita said.

But things took a turn the next day when Blake got annoyed at Margarita for spilling the goss about their sexy liaison.

She sat with Anna, Cartier and a loitering Matt to fill them in on what happened the night before.

Margarita told the trio, it was "just a bit of touching – everywhere" and described her new beau as "more bottom heavy than he is top heavy".

But as the other Islanders ribbed Blake about the feedback he was not impressed saying"what have I signed up for?".

He described Margarita's loose lips as "drama written all over it, and a big red flag".

Blake said in the Beach Hut: "Those kind of details being told to multiple people. Those things don't need to be said."

Then he admitted, "there could be worse rumours to get around".

But the new pair later had a chat and Blake expressed his displeasure at being the centre of Villa gossip.

Rather than being upset, Margarita revealed she "liked that Blake was upfront with me".

And that put them in good stead as host Sophie Monk surprised the group in the villa to reveal the final couples would be decided tonight.

They chose each other as did, Anna and Josh, Todd and Jessie and Cynthia and Aaron.

A very conflicted Cartier was then forced to choose between Adam and Matthew.

Her ex Adam went up to her to say "you owe it to yourself" and she eventually chose Matthew.

Adam was then dumped from the villa, who got "a little bit choked up" as he said goodbye to his co-stars.

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