Love Island couples' sex noises are keeping singles awake, says Lucie

Love Island couples' sex noises are keeping singles awake, says Lucie

LUCIE Donlan has moaned about the Islanders keeping her awake with sex noises.

The Love Island star revealed that when the lights go out the noises start as the couples get to know each other better between the sheets.

Speaking on Unseen Bits, the single surfer said: “Oh my god. Going to bed being single is not fun. The whole room is *kissing noises*, all this kissing and don’t even know what…”

Fellow singleton Anton also finds it hard, revealing: “You hear kissing, you hear sheets ruffling, you hear noises and then you hear Curtis farting.”

But it’s not just those who aren’t coupled up that are finding the noises distracting – Michael admitted that he and Amber can’t help but listen.

“The second the lights go out we’ll have a little kiss and then just stop and listen,” he said.

“You hear noises so we have a look around. Me and Amber are just like a bunch of meerkats.”

Jordan added: “It’s a bit like being in the Amazon rainforest, you’ve got noises coming from all sorts of areas of the room that you didn’t even know existed.”

Despite sounding like there is a lot of action going on, so far only Molly-Mae and Tommy, and Amy and Curtis, have admitted to “doing bits” in bed.

Viewers were convinced that Molly-Mae and Tommy became the first couple to have sex last week after the influencer was heard gasping "Jesus Christ" from underneath the covers.

However a TV insider has confirmed to The Sun that they didn't romp but their relationship was taken to the next level.

The pair also hit headlines after Tommy was spotted with a smug smile plastered on his face while Molly-Mae, her cuddly toy discarded on the bed, appeared to reach down under the covers.

The Love Island subtitles then signposted exactly what was going on when the Instagram star whispered: "It's f***ing huge" just before the credits rolled.

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