Love Island Hideaway has been getting more action than viewers have seen

Love Island Hideaway has been getting more action than viewers have seen

It’s the steamiest spot in the villa, complete with a hot tub jacuzzi and a private bedroom for two. 

But the Love Island Hideaway has barely got any screen time this series – though, apparently, more has gone down there than meets the eye. 

Chatting to The Sun, former contestant Amy Hart revealed that the saucy love-shack was used a few more times than viewers thought. 

She said: “Curtis goes in to use the exercise bike, and Anna went in once because she had a migraine.” 

Seeing as the clips of Curtis and Anna in the Hideaway never made the air, they must have been cut out in the editing suite. 

Amy also added: “People feel like there is a lot of pressure to go in the Hideaway. When you’re in a room on your own it’s not easy to control yourself.”

The only time it has officially been used was in the second week when Curtis asked Amy to become his “half-girlfriend” while they sipped champagne in the hot tub. 

Later getting frisky beneath the sheets, the couple made the most of the facilities on offer in the Hideaway. 

Amy wouldn’t change a thing, as she said: “I was laying in bed with a bloke I really fancied, I don’t regret it. You forget the cameras are there.”

Irish beauty Maura Higgins was invited to spend the night there later on in the series, picking male model Tom Walker as her guest. 

But when she overheard him talking about her behind his back with the lads, their romantic night for two was officially off the cards. 

While she was in earshot, Tom said: “It will be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not.”

Ruling out a night of passion, she screeched: “Are you f****** joking? You just said that? Go f*** yourself.”

Since then, the hideaway has been left empty – but hopefully not for long.

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