'Love Island' Season 3: Korey Gandy Addresses Criticism That He's 'Childish'

'Love Island' Season 3: Korey Gandy Addresses Criticism That He's 'Childish'

Known for his “what the freak” catchphrase, Korey Gandy always seemed happy during Love Island Season 3, even though his journey to find love wasn’t the easiest. Following filming, the winner acknowledged fans who claimed he acted “childish” and explained why in an Instagram post.

‘Love Island’ winner Korey Gandy addresses criticism that he is ‘childish’

During Love Island season 3, Korey Gandy was one of the more light-hearted singles who always smiled and never took anything too seriously.

Additionally, he yelled and jumped around a lot, leading some viewers to call him immature and unsure he genuinely wanted to find love. However, the 28-year-old built a connection from the first day that evolved into a romance, and he ended up winning the show.

Following the season, Korey addressed the criticism in an Instagram post, explaining he asked his grandfather one thing he could change if he had the chance at the age of 10.

According to the reality star, his grandfather wished he would have smiled more often. Therefore, the Virginia native noted, “since that day, I’ve just been a wild one, enjoying life.”

They both entered the house on Day 1 but coupled with different people

Korey and 28-year-old Alaska native Olivia Kaiser both entered the villa on Day 1 but partnered with different people as he initially gravitated for Kyra Lizama and she, Javonny Vega.

However, Will Moncada chose to couple up with Kyra that night, leaving him single for the next three days. While Olivia and Javonny lasted for 14 days, Korey coupled up with Trina Njoroge before picking Florita Diaz.

After she fell for his friend, Jeremy Hershberg, he partnered with Cashay Proudfoot as a friend and then met Leslie Golden during Casa Amor. Believing they had a connection, he brought her back to the house, but it fizzled out. Meanwhile, Olivia dumped Javonny and left the Casa Amor single before expressing her true feelings for Korey as she realized she missed him when they separated.

Even though she briefly considered newcomer Andre Brunelli, the Alaska native continued to pursue her connection with Korey, and they won the show and $100,000 cash prize. The two are still together and dating long distances.

Which couples from ‘Love Island’ season 3 are still together?

Runners-up Kyra and Will have continued their relationship after the show. Although they haven’t labeled it, they have referred to it as “official” in interviews.

Third-place finishers Bailey Marshall and Jeremy attempted to make it work, but they split up shortly after returning home. He then began pursuing things with Florita, as their relationship was cut short on the show, but it didn’t work out either.

Additionally, Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch didn’t last after filming. Early in the season, many fans rooted for Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. and Cashay, but he chose to couple up with Trina, ending their romance. Although they later professed feelings for each other, she decided to move on.

Following their eliminations, the two have reconnected and are seemingly in a relationship. Finally, Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair left the villa early after discovering his sister had unexpectedly died. Frontrunners to win the competition, the couple is still together.

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