Love Islanders had secret language to hide chats and other scenes you didn’t see

Love Island stars Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan have revealed that islanders came up with a secret language to allow them to break the rules without producers knowing what they were discussing.

Appearing on Heat podcast Under The Covers, the duo lifted the lid on the mischievous ways the castmates had fun during their long days in the villa that viewers didn't see on ITV.

Original islander Anton said that every time a bombshell entered, the islanders would grill them on what was going on in the outside world as they had no access to phones.

And the number one thing the stars wanted to know? How many Instagram followers they'd notched up while cooped up in the villa.

Belle revealed: "[Anton] taught me our own language to try and get it out of me.

"And I kept saying to him, 'If you keep asking me about your follows I'm going to have to move out.'"

"Everyone was so obsessed with it," added Anton. "All of us are always on our social media and when it's taken away from you you're curious about what's going on."

The Scottish gym owner said that at times the islanders got so bored in the villa they would keep themselves entertained by playing children's games including hide and seek.

Anton and Belle also revealed that Ovie Soko gave producers a headache by winging at them to give him a basketball in the villa, a request they eventually gave in to.

But Belle said the biggest diva of the series was definteily Maura Higgins.

"She's a bit demanding. She needs a cigarette and she's always demanding for something.

"She's always moaning 'Curtis! Curtis!'" said Belle mimicking her voice.

They also let slip that the cast were requesting McDonalds delivered to the villa at least once a week to provide them with some 'home comforts.'

Unlike in previous years, this year ITV bosses decided to put a ban on filming the contestants at meal times.

Though the mask slipped when eagle-eyed viewers spotted a McFlurry in the fridge during one episode.

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