Love Island’s Curtis is hiding a secret from Amy about ‘relationship’ with Maura

Love Island’s Curtis is hiding a secret from Amy about ‘relationship’ with Maura

The twists and turns keep on coming in Love Island – but who on earth thought Maura Higgins would admit that she thought Curtis Pritchard was manly and sexy?

And 28-year-old Maura's sudden interest in Curtis won't be the only thing that will upset Amy Hart when she discovers her ex has been hiding his own interest in Maura from the start.

When Maura first entered the villa two weeks ago alongside since-dumped Islander Elma Pazar, Curtis pulled Danny aside to make a confession about Maura .

He revealed that it hadn't been the first time he had come across the Irish bombshell, admitting that he had messaged the gird-girl on Instagram .

Curtis told Danny: "You know the new girl Maura, I slid into her DM's before coming on here."

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"I messaged her on Instagram one time saying she was really good looking," he added.

Danny burst into laughter as Curtis admitted that she had never replied to him.

"Now she’s come in here looking for love and she wants what you’ve got," Danny retorted.

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