Love Islands Lana set to ditch Casey as she regrets Ron recoupling snub

Love Islands Lana set to ditch Casey as she regrets Ron recoupling snub

Love Island star Lana Jenkins could ditch her new villa beau Casey O'Gornan just days after she chose to recouple with him, a body language expert has claimed.

The blonde bombshell shocked viewers when she chose to couple up with new boy Casey instead of Ron Hall in Sunday night (February 5).

Ron was left gutted and warned Casey not to botch his opportunity with the makeup artist, telling him he's got "a good one".

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But it seems Casey might be in trouble already as body language expert Inbaal Honigman reckons Lana is struggling with her decision to pick Casey and appears to regret ditching Ron.

And on Tuesday night (February 7) Lana told Ron she probably made a "rash" decision in picking the new boy over him.

Honigman reckoned Lana was merely putting on a strong front after Lana's behaviour after the recoupling, where Lana tries to talk to Ron and he sends her away.

"Lana… is still looking doubtful," she said. "She's raising her chin in an exaggerated way, trying to appear proud and secure, but her lowered eyes betray her, showing that she's still struggling with her own decision.

"When Ron rejects Lana's offer of a conversation and goes to chat to Casey, Lana follows him with her eyes. This is the moment that we can see her eyes are red and tearful. Her expression is one of regret."

Honigman said that Lana showed signs she was embarrassed and uncomfortable when picking Casey in the recoupling episode.

She explains: "As Lana stands up to speak, her expressions are a subtle storm. She smiles awkwardly, lips pursed and eyes looking down, like she's embarrassed. She shuffles uncomfortably and looks sideways, as if seeking reassurance from someone off-camera.

She then looks down again just before she speaks, which tells us that she's not fully decided what she's about to say – and then she juts her chin out defiantly, when she's decided to make the shocking choice and pick Casey. She knows this will be a radical move, and she's telling herself 'chin up, girl'."

And a key sign she isn't too into Casey came when she explained why she was picking him, such as her quiet voice and lack of smiling.

In fact, the body expert insists her decision to go with Casey was to send a message to Ron. saying: "As she lists Casey's good qualities – kind, funny and makes her smile – she is not smiling!

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"Naturally, when we think about someone who's funny, we'll recall something funny they said, and will smile to ourselves. Lana's cold, neutral expression gives us clear insight that Casey's sense of humour isn't a main player in her decision. She's making a point."

As Lana speaks, her breathing is deep and heavy. This is a calming response to anxiety. When we feel stressed, our breathing will naturally become deeper in an effort to soothe the body and mind. Lana is stressed."

On Tuesday (February 7), Lana admitted to Ron that she probably made a "rash" decision by choosing Casey.

You can check out Inbaal's work here.


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