Love Islands Tasha Ghouri to ditch love triangle as sparks fly with hunk Dami

Love Islands Tasha Ghouri to ditch love triangle as sparks fly with hunk Dami

Love Island kicked off on Monday (6 June) and ten new islanders arrived looking for love, with Tasha Ghouri proving quite the catch among the opposite sex.

Tasha Ghouri is a dancer and model who was initially paired with Andrew Le Page, but seems to be interested in Luca Bish, a fishmonger from Brighton.

According to Stephanie Taylor, an intimacy expert at Kegel8, Tasha’s current partner may not be the perfect match for her according to their star signs.

She said: “The two signs are opposite sides of the zodiac, with Leo [being] a fire sign and Pisces a water sign. Leo generally has fiery, passionate, strong, and assertive personalities, compared to Pisces [who are] emotionally sensitive, quiet and reserved.

She continued on to say that according to the zodiac, Tasha is a “born leader” who can “come across as bossy or egotistical,” which may not be Andrew’s cup of tea.

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However, the same may be true for the 23-year-old as she “might grow tired of Andrew’s sensitive side”.

Despite their differences, they may still have hope if they “establish effective communication” which could blossom into a “mutually beneficial relationship”.

Dami “could be better suited” for Tasha as, although he is currently with Amber, he is an Aries, which makes him a fellow fire sign.

Stephanie commented: “Tasha and Dami are fire signs that possess fiery, passionate personalities, which could make sparks fly if they are together. Although, Leo and Aries are dominant, which could present problems and result in some arguments that could damage their egos.”

She thinks that if Tasha is “looking for someone that doesn’t get bored” and “shows her respect,” then Dami could provide her with “a dynamic relationship that would never be boring”.

According to the expert, Tasha and Liam may also be a good pair as the fellow Leos could make them “instantly attracted to each other”.

Despite the star sign speculation, viewers think they’ve spotted Tasha’s potential match.

While it’s unknown what his zodiac sign is, Luca has been “cracking on” with Tasha and home audiences can’t get enough.

One viewer tweeted out: “Luca and Tasha are so cute together”.

Another jokingly added: “Excuse me, Tasha, how are you kissing Andrew when I’m here rooting for you and Luca?"

Tasha has been chatting to Luca and the pair appear to get along like a house on fire, which has left Tasha with the tough decision of choosing between the two heartthrobs.

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