MAFS UK fans devastated as Chanita and Jordans split is laid bare at dinner party

MAFS UK fans devastated as Chanita and Jordans split is laid bare at dinner party

Married at First Sight UK fans were left distraught on Monday evening as it emerged that one of the strongest couples from the experiment, Chanita Stephenson and Jordon Emmett-Connelly, had parted ways.

As Chanita arrived solo at Monday night’s reunion dinner party, fans at home and her fellow participants in the experiment were left shocked, as many thought Jordan and Chanita were one of the more stable couples to have resulted from the experts' matchmaking.

As her entrance played out on screen, a voice over from the jilted star said: “I’m actually really nervous walking into the dinner party tonight.”

“To walk into a big room full of people, it’s quite daunting. Usually, I’d walk in with Jordan, but tonight I’ll be walking in solo.”

Her arrival without Jordan also caused some shock for several of the other participants in the experiment, including mental health care assistant Thomas.

“I am so shocked Chanita arrived solo, I can’t believe it.I really hedged my bets on them too,” revealed Thomas, in a moment of devastation.

Yet while the other participants looked on in confusion, Chanita bravely explained what had happened between her and Jordan in a heart to heart with the friends she’d made on the show.

“When we came out of the experiment, everything just changed. Basically, I kept saying ‘I feel like you’re not interested in me, you’re not making an effort, you’re not doing this’, and he’s all, ‘no, no, no, I can’t wait to see you’ – and then I was right!” explained a tearful Chanita.

“And then he was like, ‘oh, I don’t think we’re compatible, I don’t want to be with you’ – it was really weird,” she continued.

As Chanita took a moment to compose herself, Adrian asked how she was feeling about seeing her former husband.

She replied: “We’re quite amicable, we’re alright, we’re friends so to speak, it’s just what he says and what he does are two different things.”

Shortly after she had finished her explanation, Jordan made his entrance and shared his own anxieties in a voice-over.

“I’m by myself, I’m walking into a room where everyone’s expecting us to be together and now I’m like, nervous, apprehensive, but y’know what? I’ve got no concerns. Nothing I should be ashamed of, I’m just going to try and enjoy it,” he said confidently.

Later during the reunion however, he showed a little more of his own vulnerability as he explained that he had felt under a lot of pressure to feel a certain way after returning to the real world.

In a heart-to-heart with Zoe Clifton, Jordan gave his side of the story and explained his decision to end his relationship.

He said: “So I came out of the other side of the experiment, back into reality and I think for me, that was a time of massive reflection.

“I was questioning, can I really make this girl happy and do you really make me happy, or how we operate, our personalities and characteristics, are they just not exactly right for each other?”

After a lot of soul searching, Jordan found himself reflecting on his journey so far before concluding he didn’t think he and Chanita were compatible.

“I sat down and thought to myself, Jordan, realistically, can you see you and Chanita, forever? Can you see yourself falling in love? Can you see yourself having kids? And I thought, where do I go from this?” He continued.

“So I organised a face time and on that call, Chanita was pressing me like, ‘Do you want to be with me or not?’ She asked me that question a few times bluntly and I was in a position where I was like, no, I don’t.”

While the decision may have shocked many fans, it hadn’t come without a lot of careful thought, as Jordan confessed he had been harbouring the doubts for a while, but wanted to give their relationship a fighting chance.

“I was wholeheartedly in it at the vow renewals, I still had those concerns but I was putting them at the back of my mind, because I thought, we haven’t actually experienced this on the outside,” added Jordan.

“We need to give it that chance. I was trying to work things out.”

Yet even despite the split, Jordan admitted he still had feelings for Chanita, even if he didn’t feel they could continue to be together.

He told Zoe: “The thing is, I still like her. I still think she’s a nice girl. I still find her sexually attractive. But at the moment we need to keep it as just friends.

“I couldn’t face it, to walk in here, holding hands and pretending we’re this happy perfect couple and live up to everyone else’s expectations. I couldn’t physically do that.”

Later in the episode, Chanita finally addressed the situation with Jordan directly, as she took him to task for renewing his vows even though his “heart wasn’t in it”.

In emotional scenes, a devastated Chanita argued: “I was worth fighting for!”

Yet in one moment of closure, Jordan embraced his crying ex and apologised for hurting her, taking comfort in the knowledge that even if it couldn’t salvage their relationship, it could at least mend their friendship.

Following the shocking split, several fans took to social media to air their thoughts, with several completely bowled over by the news.

“I’m so emotional that Chanita and Jordan didn’t work ! I’m soooo upset,” sobbed on fan.

“Oh no, my favourite couple are not together… Jordan & Chanita” added another.

While a third weighed in by adding: “Gutted. But Chanita deserves someone more mature than Jordan.”

Not everyone was so upset by the news however, with one arguing that Chanita had deserved better all along.

"Chanita looks stunning. Love her hair. Jordan was punching anyway,” they quipped.

Married at First Sight UK continues tomorrow at 9pm on E4.


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