Married At First Sight Australia's 'virgin' Matthew says Brit girlfriend Bella is the 'best thing to ever happen to him'

MARRIED at First Sight Australia 'virgin' Matthew Bennett is finally comfortable showing affection thanks to his British girlfriend Bella Jameson.

The videographer, 32, says he's no longer the shy and reserved Matt that viewers got to know on the E4 series filmed back in 2018.

He met his new love shortly after the show wrapped two years ago, and has now shared: "I was fortunate enough that I met my now girlfriend a couple of months after the show had filmed but just before it aired. 

"Honestly the relationship with her is the best thing that has happened to me. 

"I don't think I would have been able to grow and change and become the person I am now who actually has a personality and hobbies and integrity he sticks to and I can actually say no to people now without her."

Matt lost his virginity aged 29 when he married Lauren Huntriss, 32, in the social experiment series.

But within weeks he found he'd bitten off more than he could chew with "swinger" Lauren, and he quickly realised he didn't fancy her.

Matt admitted the experience left him feeling uncomfortable with intimacy until he met girlfriend Bella.

He added to MailOnline: "I wasn't ever capable of saying 'I love you' to someone before my girlfriend.

"Now I constantly say it all the time and tell her how gorgeous she is and it's not something I remember before.

"It was quite hard and everything felt awkward or forced and it didn't feel natural but now for me intimacy is just not an issue. It's just a part of life now."

Matt's ex Lauren aka Loz left her new hubby speechless after telling him she loves having threesomes and swinging on the E4 show.

It came after she also revealed she "used to be a lesbian" and dated girls.

The make-up artist said: "There are certain things I might be in to, you know? How would you feel if I was in to swinging, and threesomes.

"I am a very sexually open person, I worry it might be a bit much for you."

Matt later admitted to producers: "Certainly it is a lot to take in, a few days ago I was still a virgin and now she's talking about threesomes, being dominant, her sexual appetite might be too much for me."

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