Married at First Sight’s Ella tearfully admits ‘I can’t do this’ after Nathaniel confession

Married at First Sight’s Ella tearfully admits ‘I can’t do this’ after Nathaniel confession

Married at First Sight star Ella Morgan was reduced to tears during the E4 dating show’s second commitment ceremony of the series, when a few home truths from husband Nathaniel left her feeling incredibly vulnerable and suffering from an identity crisis.

During a heart to heart conversation with a panel of dating experts, Nathaniel expressed his concerns over the couple’s relationship so far as he was still waiting to see more of Ella than the persona she kept giving him.

Keen to feel the same spark of love he had once held for someone else, Nathaniel explained: “It scares me (that you’ve never been in love) because I know what love is and I’m waiting to feel that again, but I need to know everything about a being to fall in love.

He then added: “I can’t move forward if I don’t have that.”

Nathaniel also touched on how he felt he and Ella were in different places emotionally, as Ella had only just begun to live her own authentic life after transitioning to a Transwoman.

This prompted a defensive Ella to feel hurt and attacked, as she wondered when her experience and thoughts would be valid as she wasn’t giving her husband what he clearly wanted to see.

Unable to continue a tearful Ella then left the session, as she declared “I can’t do this” prompting her concerned husband to follow her out and try to calm her down.

After a brief moment of private conversation together, which also included an endearing pep talk, the couple were able to re-enter the commitment ceremony together and continue to explore what had lead to Ella being so overwhelmed in that particular moment.

“I’m learning things about myself and I think Nathaniel hit the nail on the head when he said my whole life has just been about my transition,” began Ella as she shared her thoughts to the group

She then continued: “Some days I don’t really know who I am. I know I’m a strong woman, but I think you transition and suddenly I’ve finished my surgeries and I’m Ella. I’m just this woman in a big wide world and I don’t really know who I am. Where do I fit in?”

After the heart to heart, the couple decided to continue the experiment together, but fans at home weren’t convinced it was the best course of action.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, one fan wrote: “I think Ella is only about herself because she has only ever thought about herself and her identity. She equates sex with love and Nathaniel doesn’t think like that.”

A second fan however, thought Nathaniel was asking too much of Ella, as they wrote: “No, Nathaniel. Just no. Just because you’ve had love before, doesn’t make you the all knowing guru on love. We have different loves in our life. Yes, it can be scary, but it doesn’t mean that Ella doesn’t know how to love or be loved.”

A third fan then weighed in by adding: “Nathaniel keeps saying he wants deep conversations with Ella but he blows up anytime she says something he doesn't like. I massively get the feeling Nathaniel's version of deep is the shallowest of shallows.”

Before a fourth fan commented: “Nathaniel really does need to show Ella some affection instead of all this deeper nonsense. That’s been his defence for not progressing with Ella. In some respects he’s making Ella second guess and doubt herself. He’s been pretty toxic actually & selfish.”

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