Matt Hancock will ‘struggle’ after I’m A Celebrity

Matt Hancock will ‘struggle’ after I’m A Celebrity

I'm A Celeb: Matt Hancock embraces Gina on exit

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The ITV staple returned to the Australian jungle this year, and with it brought plenty of dramatic trials, controversy and of course critters. And with a finale watched by 11.5 million viewers – the highest figures for the show in years – ex-Conservative MP Edwina Currie has shared her honest opinion on this year’s winner, branding Matt Hancock “immature”.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Edwina revealed her thoughts on the disgraced MP, who ended his I’m A Celeb stint in third place.

She said: “To get so many people voting for you is a real compliment. But to get to the final three for Matt, was above and beyond!”

While Edwina, who made it to the top four during her season in 2014, believed a lot of celebrities take part “for a bit of fun or adventure,” the same can’t be said for the former Health Secretary. 

“He said he was doing it on behalf of all politicians, which is beggars belief,” she said.

“If he was aligning himself with all politicians, he should have been back in Westminster doing his job there.” 

The series, which is a signature in the channel’s annual calendar, can be a springboard for stars to revamp their careers or repair reputations.

But Edwina believes Matt will “struggle” following his time in the jungle. 

“There will be rows behind closed doors, believe me,” Edwina assured as she addressed how fellow politicians and constituents will react to his involvement in the show.

While he may have thought going into the jungle would restore his public image, Edwina thinks it may do him more harm than good.

She said: “He’s tainted forever by his bad behaviour during the pandemic and by going off to the jungle.

“He’s going to find it quite a struggle when he comes back, whether he decides to stay in parliament or not.”

As the 43-year-old departed the jungle, he was reunited with girlfriend and former aide Gina Coladangelo, with whom he shared an intimate moment on the bridge.

On his relationship with Gina, Edwina described the MP’s behaviour as “immature” and “poisonous” admitting he should consider less PDA as “there are too many people out there who may be hurt by it”.

She added: “It’s as if he thinks he can be forgiven, but he can’t.”

While Matt may be hoping for new and big opportunities to arise from his time in the jungle, broadcaster Edwina thinks his work outside of parliament will be a lot more difficult than he thinks.

And with a divorce to navigate, having the expenses of running two households will become “the bane of his life”.

With his political career now hanging in the balance, perhaps the MP might have regrets over some of his actions. 

While she had a lot to say about the former Health Secretary, Edwina believed Queen of the Jungle Jill has a strong future ahead of her.

She had no doubt the ex-Lioness would take home the crown and thought the “remarkable woman’s” genuine personality and humour will give her a “bright career in showbiz”.

Along with winner Jill, Edwina was also a big fan of former rugby star Mike Tindall and runner up actor Owen Warner.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here is available to watch on demand on the ITV Hub

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