Max George reveals he still texts Tom Parker and is trying to process his death

Max George reveals he still texts Tom Parker and is trying to process his death

The Wanted’s Max George has revealed that he ‘still texts’ his former bandmate, Tom Parker, following his tragic death from cancer in March.

Tom was just 33 when he passed away after an 18-month battle with brain cancer, leaving behind his wife, Kelsey, 32, and children, Aurelia, two, and Bodhi, one.

Max, 33, appeared on ITV’s This Morning to promote Tom’s book ‘Hope’, which Tom wrote during the last 12 months of his life amid his cancer battle.

Presenter Alison Hammond asked Max: “And how’s life without him now? Do you talk to him still?”, Max said: “I’m still trying to process it, I still text him actually.

"If I get pictures or stuff that fans have made with him in it or they send a nice message to do with Tom, I’ll WhatsApp it to him.

"I just find a bit of comfort in that. The worst bit is when I’m not doing it and I do it accidentally. Sometimes I go to do it and I’m like, ‘Oh no’.”

Alison agreed with him and said: “I used to do that when my mum passed [her mother, Guyana passed away in 2020 after battling cancer],

“I was still texting her or phoning her to tell her something and then I was like, ‘oh you’re not here’, she’s not here anymore”.

Dermot then said: “I think it’s whatever gets you through, you know, and it’s all baby steps, isn’t it?

“You take each day as it comes, and I think it’s quite a common thing."

He continued: “It’s just the waves crash over you, and they still crash over you, but as the time goes, they crash over you less and less”.

During the interview, Max was asked what it was like meeting Tom during their audition process for their successful band, The Wanted.

Alison revealed that the pair met at a train station prior to the auditions.

Max explained: “It was Manchester Piccadilly station, and I’d seen him during the audition process – he was the ‘loud one’ from Bolton, and he was always at the front, he was always asking questions.

“And we walked into each other, and I just remembered thinking, ‘oh the scally from Bolton is here’, and I was so happy that he was in, and immediately, me and him just hit it off,

“We had very similar backgrounds, and yeah, we just became best mates immediately, and within a week, we were living in the same house and, yeah, we just did everything together.”

Talking about Tom’s book Hope, Max revealed: “It’s a book that Tom did over the last 12 months of his life. It goes from the very start, from his upbringing all the way to the end – the whole journey, how he had rough beginnings and his own troubles, but it’s a book about hope and it’s a book about triumph and obviously Tom had a lot of difficulties along the way, especially towards the end – the most difficult thing anyone could go through – and Kelsey, obviously.”

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