Meet Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashires twin and siblings

Meet Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashires twin and siblings

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Sarah Lancashire has become a national treasure thanks to her roles in Coronation Street, Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax. The 58-year-old is back in the spotlight thanks to her award-winning role as stern police officer Catherine Cawood in Happy Valley as the show comes to a conclusion with the actress starring opposite Siobhan Finneran as her sister Clare Cartwright. Many viewers are keen to know more about Sarah and her life away from the cameras.

Sarah is one of four children to journalist and scriptwriter Geoffrey Lancashire and his wife Hilda.

Hailing from Oldham, Lancashire, Sarah has three siblings in total – one older and one younger brother – John and James.

Sarah also has a twin brother Simon, who is a doctor, whom she previously said she “drive[s] him mad”.

However, she said her twin would always help her see the lighter side of life.

She is said to be close to all three of her siblings despite her meteoric rise to fame after portraying ditzy Rovers Return barmaid Raquel Watts on Corrie.

Sarah has previously said how her brothers were “quite intellectual” and described herself as “a bit dippy” when she was child.

She told the Mirror: “I just went round singing, `La, la, la,’ and doing handstands.

“The best my mother hoped for me was that I would meet a nice man, settle down and have children.”

Sarah followed in her father’s footsteps by entering the entertainment industry and going on to star in Coronation Street.

She said her late father, who died in 2004, was a “gentle writer who abjured violence”.

Moreover, Sarah is said to have regretted never appearing in any of his productions, as per The Guardian.

After finding fame on Coronation Street, Sarah went on to star in Where The Heart Is and Clocking Off.

Some of her other roles include The Glass, Chambers, My Fragile Heart, Rose and Maloney and a 2007 adaptation of Oliver Twist.

More recently, she’s appeared in The Accident on Channel 4, MotherFatherSon, Kiri and Last Tango in Halifax.

Sarah’s role in Last Tango in Halifax led her to be cast in Happy Valley after the creator of both shows Sally Wainwright envisioned her as the perfect lead for the gritty drama.

Sally said of Sarah’s casting in Happy Valley: “For Catherine yeah, because we had done Last Tango In Halifax where she played Caroline and she really captured my imagination.

“I thought she played Caroline so well, and again she just gets everything.

“She gets every little detail and she has that fantastic charisma and personality.”

Wainwright continued: “So again, right from the first series, I had her in my head which really helped when I was creating the character.”

Adding: “To be able to see her and have some pretty clear idea of how she would deliver the lines.”

Happy Valley concludes this evening on BBC One at 9pm

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