Molly Mae Hague defends 'snubbing Love Island' as she lands HUGE seven figure job at PLT

Molly Mae Hague defends 'snubbing Love Island' as she lands HUGE seven figure job at PLT

MOLLY-Mae Hague has defended her decision to distance herself from Love Island after landing the job of a lifetime.

Today, the 22-year-old has been unveiled as the creative director of Pretty Little Thing – a role that has without a doubt cemented her place as the most successful Islander of all time, but she’s made a conscious choice not to label herself as that. 

Just two years after leaving the villa in second place with boyfriend Tommy Fury, and the words Love Island barely leave her lips – but despite some criticism of her distancing herself from the show – Molly-Mae insists it was the right move for her.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, she explains:  “I think a lot of it has come to light about me distancing myself from the show because of the new show, but really I have been doing that from the very start. 

“When I came out of Love Island, I never wanted to be known as a Love Islander because I felt it closed me off to a lot of other opportunities that I have now explored in the way I distanced myself.”

The multi-millionaire adds: “I don’t believe, if I had stuck with ‘I'm just a Love Islander, I’m just a Love Islander’, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here now as the creative director of PLT.”

I never wanted to be known as a Love Islander because I felt it closed me off

The huge seven-figure deal will see her oversee all upcoming campaigns and signings for the brand, as well as continuing with her own collections for them.

Molly-Mae continues: “It wasn’t necessarily all strategic but definitely from the start I have worked on distancing myself and not just being capped as being known as one thing. 

“I think when you come out of that show, the opportunities are endless, it just depends on how much you want to work and how much you want to run with it.”

Laughing, she points out: “For me I went full throttle and here I am now. I wouldn’t change a single thing I’ve done. I’m really proud of what I have done since I’ve come out of the show.”

She admits if it wasn’t for the show she wouldn’t have her boyfriend Tommy, who she continues to be head over heels for and she’s quick to say she’s “forever grateful” for it. 

Molly-Mae 2.0

Molly’s latest collection for the brand is a real departure from previous ones and it marks the first time people are seeing the “stripped back” version of her.

Over the last year, the influencer has slowly toned down her appearance, removing filler and ditching the layers of make-up. 

The Molly-Mae from Love Island has gone and in her place is a successful businesswoman with natural style, which is reflected in her clothes.

She tells us: “I think you will see a  massive difference with this shoot, the imagery and even the advert. I took off all my jewellery, I wanted it to be really stripped back and sort of a bit more of me, not just the clothes. 

“It’s my first collection with PLT since stripping myself back and going back to a natural version of myself. It was really nice to do the hair and malke-up to represent that with this shoot and I think even the clothes represent the new me.”

And the new Molly-Mae looks set to enjoy even more success in the future, as she gets her teeth stuck into her new role.

“It’s insane and so exciting. I can’t wait to start this new adventure. It just felt like the right move to make and I am just so excited,” she adds. 

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