Neighbours icon Toadie Rebecchi plans exit from Ramsay Street in horror twist?

Neighbours icon Toadie Rebecchi plans exit from Ramsay Street in horror twist?

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Toadie (played by Ryan Maloney) has been enjoying life on Neighbours lately as he is finally in a good place following the death of his late wife, Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey) a couple of years ago. With his latest relationship on track to be a success and having his friend Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) close by for support, it seems nothing could destroy his bubble. However, the arrival of newcomer Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke) has ruffled some feathers and in upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap, he could leave because of the horrific decisions she makes.

The drama has already begun, with Toadie seriously unimpressed with Amy’s daughter’s attitude as she is coming across as selfish and entitled.

Unfortunately, as one thing leads to another, he loses his temper with the newcomer and gives her a stern talking to.

Like mother, like daughter, Zara is extremely hot-headed and decides she wants to take revenge on the father of two for treating her like a child.

Prying on the things most important to him, the newcomer gives his young daughter Nell Rebecchi (Scarlett Anderson) a shot of jelly.

However, the ordeal turns horrific when the father of two discovers it was made with vodka and his daughter has had alcohol.

Laying down the law, the iconic character tells his friend Amy she needs to keep her daughter in check or suffer the consequences.

Wanting her mother to defend her, Zara explains to Amy her friend is causing trouble and being judgemental, which leads to a huge argument between the pair.

The mother of three is desperate to bond with her child again and cannot see why Toadie is being so regimental towards the youngster.

Though she does take some of her friend’s concerns on board and tells the newcomer if she wants to stay, she has to get a job.

Zara’s troublesome ways are a lot more deep-rooted than her mother could’ve ever thought as she goes on to cause yet more problems.

A lot of change in Amy’s friendships

Jacinta Stapleton

Knowing Amy needs time to work on her daughter, but is also concerned for the wellbeing of his own children, Toadie could decide to make an exit.

It wouldn’t be permanent but he knows if he stays on Ramsay Street with Zara, she could put Nell in more danger with her reckless behaviour.

He needs to put his children first and so he could go and visit his brother Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) in Sydney.

The latter left Ramsay Street last year with his wife, Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal) and Toadie hasn’t been out to see them a lot.

Dipi was always a mother figure to Nell so she could offer the youngster some guidance as the Toadie works out how he’s going to cope if Zara sticks around long-term.

It takes a lot for Toadie to be unnerved by someone and it seems Zara is the first person to have made him really concerned since his encounters with Andrea Somers (Madeleine West).

He could give Amy a month to sort out her daughter and if no change has been made, she needs to leave Ramsay Street so his children aren’t in danger.

Amy could think her friend is being ridiculous by taking such extreme measures to get away from Zara but the more she spends time with her, the more troubled she could see the youngster has become.

If she fails to make the troublemaker change her ways in a month, she will be pressed to make any permanent changes.

Will she be forced to send her daughter packing, destroying their bond forever as she knows Zara is beyond any help?

Speaking exclusively with, the actress who plays Amy, Jacinta, hinted Zara is going to be a handful and especially when it comes to Toadie.

The soap star said: “The dynamic between Amy and Zara is so fraught, with Amy feeling guilty and Zara being angry and resentful.

“And a lot of the people on Ramsay Street have kids and ‘know what they’re doing’ as a parent, so they have a lot of opinions about Amy’s parenting style.

“So a lot of things shift and change in Amy’s friendships,” she explained before talking about what it’s like for her character to have some family members joining the cast.

Jacinta added: “Amy has never been there for her daughter and I think she’s got to a point in her life where she really wants to step up and take responsibility and be there for Zara.”

“So it’s a gorgeous dynamic that we start to see on screen. And lovely Freya who plays Zara is awesome,” the actress continued.

“She’s brought a lot of vulnerability and fire to that role, which is needed as Zara is Amy’s ‘mini-me,'” she added before discussing whether she is shocked about Zara’s troublesome ways.

“Oh, I don’t think Amy is shocked, as she just sees herself in Zara. It’s exactly how Amy first started out in Erinsborough.

“But Amy understands Zara and understands where she is coming from, but she also holds a lot of guilt and thinks it’s her fault that Zara is acting up.

“So she almost takes the blame for a lot of Zara’s actions,” she said but will she blame herself for making Toadie leave Ramsay Street?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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