Nick Hall age: How old is Bargain Hunt expert Nick Hall?

Nick Hall age: How old is Bargain Hunt expert Nick Hall?

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Nick Hall is an antiques expert on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt and has also made regular appearances on fellow series Flog It! He continues to play an integral part on the show as well as contributing to the world of antiques when the cameras are off. Here’s everything we know about the Bargain Hunt star.

Nick has more than 30 years experience of working as an auctioneer with half of it spent on Bargain Hunt.

He was first an Antiques Expert on Flog It! after he was asked to do a screen test when the show was visiting a salesroom in Sussex.

Years later, when he was recording the auctioneer’s chat for Bargain Hunt, they also approached Nick asking him if he would like to take part.

He has since become a well-respected veteran member of the Bargain Hunt team.

Even from an early age, Nick knew what he wanted to do for a career, after getting his first job as a porter.

Nick told the BBC: “In my late teens after I left sixth form college in Sussex, I decided that rather than go onto further education I’d rather get out into the real world, get my hands dirty and find something interesting to earn a living at!

“With no set career path in mind I approached several local businesses that looked interesting to see if they had any openings, including a theatre, radio station, and amongst other things the local Auctioneers.

“I started at the auctioneers the following Monday as a porter and very quickly ‘got the bug’ for antiques and art, and developed a hunger to learn about this fascinating and wonderful enigma of a business.

“With a combination of onsite learning, fine art courses and reading everything I could get my hands on I rose to senior valuer and director at that same saleroom.”

How old is Bargain Hunt expert Nick Hall?

Nick’s exact age hasn’t been revealed so it is unclear how old he is.

But going by the fact he has worked for more than three decades, it is believed the Bargain Hunt expert could be in his early to mid-50s.

This isn’t the only detail of Nick’s personal life which he has kept quiet about.

While it is known that he is married, it isn’t known who his wife is and how long they have been married for.

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Nevertheless, it does appear Nick, who is the Associate Director at Bentleys Fine Art Auctioneers, and his wife are still loved up.

When asked by the BBC what he likes to do when he isn’t at Bargain Hunt, Nick talked of spending time with his wife.

He said: “Cream tea’s, red wine and art deco buildings (sometimes all three together).

“My wife might suggest buying antiques/art on impulse without thinking where on earth it’s going to fit in at home, or if anyone else at home is going to like it!!”

Bargain Hunt will continue today, Wednesday, January 12, at 12.15pm on BBC One with Nick helping the teams try and make as much money as possible.

This time around, the team will be venturing to Ardingly in Sussex.

The synopsis reads: “Christina Trevanion is at Ardingly Antiques Fair in West Sussex, where experts Nick Hall and Ochuko Ojiri help the teams.

“Christina takes a look at the history of the humble jigsaw puzzle.”

Bargain Hunt is available to watch on weekdays on BBC One.

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