No one cares for a failed politician Nigel Farage in brutal clash with Joe Biden ally

No one cares for a failed politician Nigel Farage in brutal clash with Joe Biden ally

Biden: Nigel Farage clashes with Bob Mulholland

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Former Brexit leader Nigel Farage has clashed brutally with Democrat operative Bob Mullholland on whether Joe Biden is fit for office, with the latter saying that the president is “gonna run for a second term!” Mr Mullholland hit back at Mr Farage’s attack on the US President arguing “no American cares about a failed politician” and his opinion on US politics. 

Speaking on GB News, Nigel Farage asked the Democrat: “Are you telling me that you really believe that Joe Biden, in terms of his mind and his ability, is the right man at this moment to be leader of the free world?”

“No American cares about a failed politician of political parties that were dumped in the English Channel.”

Mr Farage hit back: “You know what, no actually I tell you what we did do.

“We managed to take a rebellion in this country to overturn the establishment view and to get Brexit, so I’m pretty happy with that.

But as you’re from the great state of California. Can I just ask youthis recall election, you know, your Governor Gavin Newsomhe’s under some considerable pressure.



“Is he going to win that election On September the 14th?”

Mr Farage chipped in: “Okay, fine.

“And just lastly- is Joe Biden going to see this whole presidency through?”


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The Democrat answered: “Absolutely! And he is gonna run for a second term.

President Biden has faced a growing backlash over his decision to pull all US troops from Afghanistan despite the Taliban reclaiming large areas of the country.

The criticism ballooned after the insurgents retook Kabul on August 15, resulting in thousands of Afghans swarming Kabul Airport to attempt escaping.

Following days of evacuation, Islamist terror group ISIS-K carried out a suicide bombing at the airport, killing at least 170 civilians and 13 US soldiers.

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