Outlander season 6: Will Jenny Fraser die?

Outlander season 6: Will Jenny Fraser die?

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Jenny (played by Laura Donnelly) is one of Outlander’s most formidable characters, serving as the no-nonsense sister of Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). Since season three, the mother of seven has been missing from the Starz drama and fans are still wondering whether she will make any future appearances. But with season six on the horizon, are bosses preparing for a big twist as Jenny dies?

Will Jenny Fraser die in Outlander?

Before making her departure from the show after the final episodes of season three, Jenny had married Ian Murray (Steven Cree) and the couple have seven children together.

Since season four began and with the character notably missing from key events, such as Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Balfe) return from the future after 20 years, fans have been curious as to where she is.

In the book saga, penned by novelist Diana Gabaldon, the chapter entitled An Echo In The Bone sees Jamie’s sister accuse his wife of being a witch due to travelling through time.

Unfortunately, this is a plot line which has not unravelled on-screen yet as the book forecasts future events in the story.

This is a prime example of the show adding in more context and creating new storylines away from the book series to keep back enough content for future seasons.

The reason why Jenny has been so absent from the show is because the actress who plays her, Laura, has had other work commitments she had to adhere to.

As well as starring in a Broadway play, Laura has also signed up for a string of other projects and has also given birth to her second child since she was last seen on the show.

Speaking of the logistics of getting Laura back on-screen in the role of Jenny, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts and producer Guy Tannahill explained whether she would ever return.

“It’s sort of down to production value and availability of the actor, there are many facets to putting together a deal with an actor that expands beyond a day or week,” Guy explained.

Down to availability of the actor

Guy Tannahill

“I think quite a bit is on the actor and their teams, so Laura had bigger parts in season one and the story dictated that we went away from [her] character [later on],” Michael added.

“To retain them over eight years was just impossible to do for us and also for them. [She] would want to do other things so we can’t just [secure her] for the rest of [her] career thinking we might use [her] later on the show.”

The executive producer detailed how if they have such a great actor in a particular role and it can’t work for them to come back, the character won’t return either.

Guy told The Official Droughtlander Podcast: “Outlander can be the worst enemy because you give a boost to somebody’s career and they become less available for you later, which is a good thing.”

It is therefore unclear if Jenny will be officially killed off in season six or if there is a chance she could return in the future.

The producers haven’t indicated the character will die or whether she will merely be a background character to the central drama taking place on-screen.

A 12-episode edition of season six will premiere early next year, with season seven likely to follow sometime in 2023.

Although there is no announcement of Jenny returning in the upcoming set of episodes, actress Laura could be around to make an appearance in one of the 16-episodes slated for season seven.

According to the book series, there is still scope for the mother of seven to return as she continues to be embroiled in her brother’s life.

For example, season six will be loosely based on the events of Gabaldon’s sixth book in the series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

This will be set in the time period between 1773 and 1776, as Jamie continues to see visions of the future through his dreams.

However, Jenny is mentioned in books seven and eight, An Echo in the Bone and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.

These chapters document the death of her husband Ian and her reconciliation with Jamie as they put their past grievances to rest.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood sees Jenny also make peace with Claire and her settlement at Fraser’s Ridge alongside her son, Young Ian Murray (John Bell).

Therefore, there is ample opportunity for the character not to die and to make a comeback in the future.

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show have made it clear Jenny is a formidable character and deserves to be back on-screen.

One viewer wrote: “Just starting to get into #Outlander after a lot of initial confusion about what the fuss was about. Jenny Fraser is my absolute favourite.”

Another posted: “Jenny Fraser is the only character that matters on Outlander,” whilst a third remarked: “Jenny Fraser is a freaking bada**! #Outlander.”

“Please, tell me Jenny Fraser will be in more episodes. She quickly became my favourite. Awesome actress though #Outlander,” a fourth declared.

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video UK now. Outlander season 6 will premiere on Starz in the USA next year.

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