Ozark season 4: Wendy to be arrested for Ben’s death as huge car park clue fuel theory

Jessica Frances Dukes shares behind-the-scenes look at Ozark

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Ben Davis’ (played by Tom Pelphrey) time in Ozark came to a heartbreaking close in the third season of the Netflix drama as his behaviour went one step too far in the eyes of the Navarro Cartel. After reemerging in sister Wendy’s (Laura Linney) life, Ben struggled to come to terms with her and her spouse Marty (Jason Bateman) working for the murderous and criminal cartel enterprise. Combined with the fact he’d stopped taking medication for his bipolar condition, Ben’s erratic outbursts posed too big a threat to the operation and he was ultimately killed.

Before the series reached season four, it soon became clear to Wendy, Marty and everyone else involved in the cartel’s business there was only one thing to stop Ben posing a threat to proceedings – to have him killed.

After he’d outed all of the cartel’s illegal doings to Erin (Madison Thompson), the daughter of scheming lawyer Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), she was adamant he had to be taken out of the picture. 

In devastating scenes, Wendy drove her brother out to an isolated diner where his number was finally up and she’d arranged for the cartel’s hitman Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) to do the rest.

What followed was a devastated and depressed Wendy racked with guilt for sacrificing her own brother for the sake of herself and Marty as well as the cartel’s operation. 

Ben’s murder went completely under the radar with authorities as he was returned to Byrdes’ funeral home and cremated to leave no evidence of his body. 

As the third season came to a close, there was no mention of anyone being brought to justice for Ben’s death with Marty and Wendy instead doing their best to make sure they didn’t meet a similar fate at the hands of boss Omar (Felix Solis).

And while Marty and Wendy have been methodical and precise in their criminal activities to make sure nothing traces back to them, a key scene in season three, episode nine could land the latter in trouble.

Before Ben met his demise, he and Wendy were on the run and staying in his sister’s car as they tried to plot his next steps.

However, in one scene, the two were disrupted by a passing police officer who’d been tipped off that Ben could be in danger as they slept in a car park.

“We had a report that your brother might be in some danger. Somebody might be looking for him,” the police officer said to Wendy. “That Omar Navarro was looking for him in order to kill him. There any truth to that?”

Shocked but trying to keep up appearances, Wendy replied: “No. Goodness, no. My brother’s sick, he’s mentally and we just got out of the hospital. 

“And we were just listening to a story about Omar Navarro on NPR. So this is all – it’s just a huge misunderstanding,” she added, but the officer was unconvinced as she told Wendy: “I’m gonna have to ask you both to step out of the vehicle please ma’am.”

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“Step out of the car please, I’m gonna ask you a few questions. Then we’re gonna take a look inside your car,” the officer said but in true Wendy fashion, she managed to talk her way out of it.

“Alright, alright, we can step outside the vehicle but you know, search and seizure laws now say we’re not required to answer your questions and if you want to search this vehicle, you’re going to have to get a warrant,” Wendy hit back.

“And that would be such a waste of your time and resources, and on a weekend no less, all because of you? And I’d be really curious as to what you would cite as a cause on this warrant. Some absolutely nonsense from my brother, who just got off a psychiatric hold by the way, just rattled off to some drifter in a parking lot?”

The officer remained stern but it was clear she’d been trumped by the manipulative Wendy – although what she said next could have reverberations in season four.

The officer replied: “Well, we have your license plate information so, uh, you two just be extra careful.”

Nothing was mentioned again about this interaction in season three but it’s clear Wendy and her vehicle had now caught the attention of the authorities.

And with the suspecting officer undoubtedly wanting to keep an eye on the pair, it’s not unlikely Wendy and Ben may have been surveilled to the isolated diner.

If this officer – who appears to have been forgotten in the storyline – returns in season four, surely she’d have plenty of questions about Ben and his unexplained absence and Wendy could be facing life behind bars.

Ozark seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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