Paris Hilton was 'one of the biggest stoners' and 'used to smoke weed every day' Perez Hilton claims

PEREZ Hilton claimed that Paris Hilton was "one of the biggest stoners" and "used to smoke weed every day."

The 42-year-old celebrity blogger made the allegations about the hotel heiress in his new memoir TMI: My Life in Scandal, which hit shelves on Tuesday.

In the book, Perez details how he became friends with the 39-year-old.

According to an excerpt of the memoir published on E! Online, the pair became friends when Paris invited Perez to visit her in the studio as she worked on her debut album in 2006.

Perez wrote: "I knew Paris was using me, but I also didn't care; I was using her, too.

"I mean, I was a blogger who was hanging out with Paris Hilton." 

Despite the insincere reason for their friendship, Perez and Paris began spending time together as he attending parties at her house.

In the book, he claimed to witness Paris' aunt Kyle Richards entertaining guests as she danced on a stripper pole installed in the living room.

Perez stated that he never witnessed Paris partaking in hard drugs, though he claimed: "She was, however, one of the biggest stoners I ever met in my whole life.

"She used to smoke weed every day, from first thing in the morning till late in the evening—a wake-and-baker, as they call 'em."

Despite going by the same last name, Paris and Perez are not related.

The blogger- whose birth name is Mario Lavandeira Jr.- also explained in the book how he came up with his pen name.

After The New York Post sued him for his website's original name- he settled on the name Perez Hilton.

He explained: "The Perez in me was the outsider, the Latino guy, the homosexual, the person who stuck out, and the 'Hilton' referred to Hollywood, the mainstream."

Also in the memoir, Perez claimed that John Mayer "pushed his tongue" into the blogger's mouth and the pair "made out."

Back in September, Paris opened up about her wild party girl image in the YouTube documentary This Is Paris.

She said that she felt trapped by her public image, stating: “I feel like I helped create a monster.”

The socialite also alleged that she was physically and emotionally abused — including enduring beatings and solitary confinement — after she was sent to boarding school.

The Sun has reached out to Paris Hilton's rep for comment.

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