Pete Wicks says he's 'single' and hasn't found 'the one' after leaving Chloe Sims in tears amid messy romance

PETE Wicks has declared he's "single" and hasn't found "the one" after leaving Chloe Sims in tears amid their messy romance.

The reality star said they have unfinished business that will come to a climax on the ITVbe show – but their off-screen fling is well and truly over after a huge bust up on screen last night.

Pete, 31, has now admitted him and the Essex beauty, 37, will remain friends after The Sun on Sunday revealed they secretly dated in lockdown.

He told The Sun Online: "I’m single and I have been for a little while. There are a lot of things I need to work on before I can be in a relationship properly …

“We’re in contact, a lot of the stuff you're watching now was recorded a while ago. It’s not the same as where TOWIE has been before and it’s the same week it goes out – because of COVID we had to start earlier.

“I know it’s confusing for everyone why we fell out and exactly what the situation is but everything does get revealed but you have to watch it.

“Chloe is one of the most amazing people in the world, we are quite close but we’re quite similar so when we do clash we clash big. We’re both very stubborn."

Pete also denied he still fancied Chloe after fans saw their chemistry building in the show before their emotional reunion in season 26 – admitting Lockdown made it tough for them to keep the spark alive.

Asked if he still had "puppy dog eyes" for Chloe he laughed and said: "Not necessarily! 

"Me and her, everything gets revealed on why we fell out and why it’s been so intense between me and her and all that sort of stuff. It’s been a tough year for everyone and the pandemic certainly didn’t help.

"I’m a bit of a lone wolf. I tend to do a lot of things on my own. I deal with everything on my own and that’s a struggle for people around me because I’m not the most emotional person in the world because I tend to do everything by myself.

"Sometimes if I’ve got things going on, I will tend to take myself out the way and deal with it and process it and then be like ‘I’m back now’ – but that’s not great for people, it's quite hard for them to process and to deal with."

Sources told The Sun on Sunday last week that the friends had "crossed the line from friendship to romance" before their relationship fell apart leaving their friendship in tatters.

Then last night viewers watched as Chloe screamed at Pete before she burst into tears.

Chloe came face-to-face with Pete again as they attempted to repair their friendship – but it didn't exactly go to plan.

Chloe said: "You've come here and opened the can of worms. I'm open to us being in each other's lives but I'm not gonna chase you around Brentwood, I'm not gonna initiate conversations or plans or spending time together."

Getting tearful, Chloe then added: "The person that has been in my life all these years would have died for me, I trusted you with my whole heart – above everyone."

Pete then asked Chloe not to get upset, but she couldn't compose herself.

"I'm sick of it, I'm sick of men, my so-called friends f**king me over," she added as she continued crying.

However Pete later told Chloe: "It might be too late now but I do need you."

Pete spoke to The Sun Online after getting his famous locks cut by the team at Fudge Professional, stating: "I’m fairly well known for my barnet, I’ve done a lot with my hair. I hadn’t had it cut for about 10 months before the guys at Fudge did it. It was an absolute shambles; I looked like a Shetland pony. 

"So it really really needed to be cut – it’s one of them brands that I think everyone has heard of, even when I was younger I used Fudge products quite a bit. When they approached me I was all for it.

“It’s so much healthier now, I’ve had about six inches cut off, and it’s the shortest it’s been in six years.”

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