Phil Mitchell to die in shocking EastEnders twist?

Phil Mitchell to die in shocking EastEnders twist?

Phil Mitchell is set to be left for dead in a dramatic EastEnders storyline this summer – but who is responsible? Phil will find himself in grave danger in a few weeks’ time when some of the secrets that he’s oblivious to, begin to unravel. With his suspicions high, Phil sets out to confront those who have his money in true Mitchell style.

Elsewhere, Ben (Max Bowden) is still determined to go through with his plan to fleece his dad and it is clear he’s willing to go to any lengths to bring his dad down. Not only that, the pressure continues to build on Sharon (Letitia Dean) who still doesn’t know the identity of her baby’s father and is desperate to keep her affair with Keanu (Danny Walters) a secret.

With so many secrets simmering away, things come to a head and one of them is set to boil over leading to a confrontation with Phil. As an argument ensues, it quickly escalates forcing those involved to fight their corner leaving Phil fighting for his life…

A BBC insider told ‘Things have been bubbling for a while with those keeping secrets from Phil. With him oblivious to it all and looking forward to becoming a father and grandfather once more, life couldn’t be looking more perfect but everyone knows secrets never stay secret for long in Albert Square. The drama is set to unfold later this month but as everything comes to a head for some people on the Square, certain truths will be revealed but others remain hidden, for now…’

Whether or not Phil will live to tell the tale remains to be seen but it’sdefinitely going to be an unmissable autumn in Walford.

And with so many suspects, many could be susceptible to huge consequences.

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