Piers Morgan fakes an orgasm as he accuses Charlotte Hawkins of 'having a When Harry Met Sally' moment on Catchphrase

PIERS Morgan made his Good Morning Britain co-star Charlotte Hawkins blush today as he faked an orgasm in a When Harry Met Sally moment.

The host, 56, took the mickey out of his colleague after she shared a collage of facial expressions she made during an appearance on Celebrity Catchphrase.

Piers said: "She posted this, her own reaction to the show, and I suddenly had this flashback to where I've seen this before."

The four snaps of Charlotte saw her throwing her had back, grinning, gazing open-mouthed and looking perplexed.

The grid was then compared with Meg Ryan's iconic scene in the 90s flick when she moans loudly in a café as she pretends to have an orgasm.

Charlotte could be heard shouting "Noooo" as the comparison was made.

Undeterred, Piers gleefully said: "Yeah, it's Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

"Can you give us that look again?"

Charlotte bashfully smiled and raised her hand to her face, replying: "No, I cannot give you that look again."

Explaining why she shared the images on Twitter, she said: "I thought it summed up what I'd gone through, the whole process."

Unable to resist, Piers took things even further and began bellowing with pleasure.

He groaned: "When you won, did you go yes, yes, YES!"

It certainly brought a smile to his pal Susanna Reid's face, who giggled from a safe social distance.

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