Queer Eye's Tan France gets Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch to wear mom jeans

Queer Eye's Tan France gets Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch to wear mom jeans

Queer Eye fans just can’t get enough of the French tuck, the fashion trend invented by Tan France.

Okay, so technically the French tuck (tucking in the front of your shirt and letting the rest flow out) wasn’t so much invented by the new Fab 5 fashion expert as it was more reinvented. The “fashion tuck” has been around for as long as people have been tucking in their shirts, but France certainly catapulted the style into a global trend thanks to his fashion tips on Netflix’s reboot. The latest people to try out the style? Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch.

When stopping by France’s Dressing Funny, his web series in which he gives Netflix stars makeovers, the comedians and real-life BFFs (who recently starred together in the streaming movie Wine Country) impress him with their French tucks. He’s less impressed by their fake accents, however. But it’s soon on to the business at hand: giving Dratch a wardrobe update by having her take some fashion risks she wouldn’t normally try.

Things start off easy enough with a simple pantsuit and sky-high platform sneakers. When Fey compliments how Dratch looks in a slim pant style, it somehow devolves into a joke about how Dratch is “a bossy bottom,” which is when France just loses it. They also show the real-life, behind-the-scenes struggle of wearing ridiculously tall but gorgeous heels because these women are nothing if not authentic.

Fey also implores more people to tailor their clothes and starts a new (fake) charity organization for which France donates no money at all and Fey promises to yell about over Instagram. Sounds like a winning cause (but really, more people should discover the wonders of tailoring their clothes to fit better, it really is life-changing).

But when France gives Dratch the “Ariana Grande” makeover, i.e. thigh high black boots and an oversize hoodie, things take a turn before ending on the most epic “mom jeans” fashion show. Check out the hilarious episode below.

Come for the fashion tips, but stay for all of Fey’s improv monologues.

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