RHOA's Porsha Williams Tearfully Tells Ex Dennis McKinley She's 'Tired' During Heart-to-Heart

Porsha Williams and her ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley are still learning how to navigate their non-romantic relationship.

On Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha and Dennis got together after Cynthia Bailey's wedding, which the former couple attended separately, to discuss where they were at.

As viewers recall, Porsha and Dennis dated for a year before getting engaged in September 2018, just two months after she learned she was expecting.

Though they appeared happily in love, even landing their own Bravo spinoff, Dennis cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant with daughter Pilar Jhena, and the affair drove a wedge between them. On RHOA in 2019, Dennis admitted to being unfaithful and said it was because he was sexually turned off by Porsha during her pregnancy and after, as she battled postpartum depression.

Fast-forward to Cynthia and Mike Hill's nuptials last October, Porsha, 39, didn't want her ex to be there. "I tried to tell Dennis that I didn't want him to be invited," she explained to cameras. But "him finding out that I didn't necessarily want him to be at the wedding, he felt like I was going to bring a date."

Dennis then proceeded to say he was "SINGLE ASFK" on his Instagram Story. "I thought the timing was poor. Why are you saying that now? We've been broken up," Porsha said.

"This all is messy because people are going to automatically assume, 'Oh, you believe the blogs and you're upset with me,'" Porsha told cameras, referencing the rumors that she and Tanya Sam had gotten intimate with a stripper at Cynthia's bachelorette party.

"Now, since we've argued, I'm really uncomfortable with him coming to the wedding," she said in a confessional.

But Dennis' decision to attend didn't stop Porsha from going to the wedding herself. "At the wedding, I really was really irritated with Dennis because he dropped this 'single as f—' the same time that Kenya had dropped this stuff in the blogs. So it was almost like, 'Oh, is he in his feelings about this and that? Was that the reason?' You're sending all kinds of crazy signals. Like, don't do that," she said to cameras.

After Cynthia's big day, Porsha and Dennis met up at a restaurant for a meal, where the exes discussed their past.

Though the conversation began with some arguing back-and-forth, they shifted gears to revisit their breakup.

"I just felt like little issues started getting bigger and bigger and bigger for me," Porsha told Dennis. "I kept telling everybody that we were fine. You know, I have my place, you living there but you also have this place in the city and I'm okay with it. Even though I was saying it, for some reason, for me as a woman, it just started to not really sit with me well."

Dennis, though, felt there were "a lot of reasons" for them to not live in a house together, pointing out that she had kicked him out multiple times. He also felt that Porsha's mom took her side on things, including when it came to a "PJ issue."

Knowing what it was like to not spend the majority of her time with her dad growing up, Porsha wanted the opposite for her own daughter, who will turn 2 this month.

"Out of everything we go through, I would never want it to affect your relationship with PJ," she said. "I did not have my dad my whole life. So I would never want her to grow up and have f—ing daddy issues because we are going back and forth all the time."

"I'm not a bitch, it's just like, [I] have to act this way sometimes to protect myself," she continued, getting emotional.

After Dennis said he didn't know what Porsha was "afraid of," she denied that she was feeling that way. "Dennis, it's not that I'm afraid. If we didn't have a baby, you and me probably wouldn't even be talking anymore, because you'd be f—ing over me and I'd be over you," she said.

He then told her that he wasn't going to "allow" himself to be "as vulnerable" as he was the entirety of their relationship.

"Just move on then! And I just move on. I'm sure you're tired," she replied, wiping away tears. "I'm tired."

Despite their fractured past, Dennis expressed that he ultimately wanted the best for his ex. "I want you to be happy," he told her before they raised a toast.

As for Porsha, her hope was that they would learn to better communicate, and that she would be able to move on.

"It's very hard for me and uncomfortable for me sometimes to find that balance between loving him and then also having to let the relationship go," she said in a confessional. "My hope moving forward with Dennis and I is that we will have better communication and that we will heal from the romantic side of our relationship."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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