SDCC: Russo Brothers Confirm You Will Never See These 2 Avengers in the MCU Again

SDCC: Russo Brothers Confirm You Will Never See These 2 Avengers in the MCU Again

As fans anxiously await Marvel’s plans for Phase 4 – scheduled for tomorrow’s Comic-Con panel featuring Kevin Feige – the Russo Brothers are dropping some gems all their own. Though Avengers: Endgame has come and gone, the fallout of events will weigh heavily on the future of the MCU, and the subsequent narratives. 

As a result of Endgame, Black Widow’s movie is destined to be a prequel, and Thor will likely team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, as for two fan favorites, the Russo Brothers have confirmed that you will never see them again. And yes, you likely know who we are talking about. 

Though MCU fans, comic book enthusiast, and entertainment journalists have spent countless hours trying to conjure all the ways Tony Stark and Steve Rogers could return to the MCU, the Russo Brothers recently confirmed that these two characters will not be back.

From fans arguing that Tony Stark’s voice would be used for an A.I. machine to other devising ways for the multiverse to resurrect the lost heroes, all these theories were just pipedreams. And, according to the Russo Brothers, all future theories (concerning Rogers and Stark) will be the same. 

FDF News, currently reporting from San Diego Comic-Con, confirmed on Twitter that the Russo Brothers stated we will never See Tony or Steve again in the MCU. So, for all you who were hoping to, somehow, see Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. return to the MCU, you will have to settle for rewatching all the glorious installments they have already participated in. Can we still hope for a cameo in the Black Widow movie? 

Falcon will replace Rogers, but who will replace Robert Downey Junior’s Iron Man in the MCU?

Rather than getting another Tony Stark, it’s more likely that the MCU will introduce a younger man, known as Iron Lad – one of the many characters who comprise the Young Avengers. Iron Lad has similar abilities to Tony Stark and relies on advanced technology to take down the baddies.

Considering several publications have already argued that a Young Avengers will be coming down the pipeline – in five years or so – it’s rational to assume that Ty Simpkins will take on the role. Ty Simpkins plays Harley Keener in the MCU and has a sizable role in Iron Man 3.

Keener is the boy who comes to Stark’s aid when Tony winds up stranded in Tennessee. Considering the MCU brought him back for Stark’s funeral, he seems like the probable choice to take the mantle. Ty Simpkins is currently 17 years old, which would make him a young 20-something when his time to shine comes. 

Though it may be difficult to accept that Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. will be gone for good, this is the best way to bid the character’s farewell. Tony Stark’s death and Roger’s ultimate alternate life would have been in vain otherwise. Sometimes, the best way to honor someone is to let their story live – never allowing someone else to take on the name. 

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