Selling Sunset: Does Maya still work at The Oppenheim Group?

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Selling Sunset is on Netflix now and the series explores the lives of real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group in LA. The series is known for being full of drama, and it has recently been announced some of the agents have quit the brokerage. Maya Vander had been considering a move to Miami to be closer to her husband and children, and fans are wondering whether she still works at The Oppenheim Group.

Does Maya still work at The Oppenheim Group?

Selling Sunset is a popular reality TV series which has attracted plenty of attention over the years as the drama never disappoints.

In season three, Chrishell Stause found out about her ex-husband Justin Hartley filing for a divorce, meanwhile Christine Quinn married husband Christian Richard during an extravagant ceremony.

Mary Fitzgerald and husband Romain Bonnet had been planning the next stage of their lives together, including moving house and considering children.

One of the cast members who prefer to stay away from the drama is Vander, the 32-year-old Israeli agent who is married with two children.

She said she tends to steer clear of the arguments and gossip, including the feud between Quinn and Stause over Stause’s divorce.

Speaking to she said: “Thankfully I do not feel the need to pick a side and I’d rather avoid drama at this point in my life.”

At the end of the season Vander had approached her bosses Jason and Brett Oppenheim and asked them whether they would consider opening a brokerage in Miami.

She puts in a lot of effort splitting her time between LA and Miami and wanted to find somewhere a bit closer to home to work.

But the brothers were reluctant to consider the new location, saying they had other places in mind where they could get better business.

Vander has toyed with the idea of taking business elsewhere, but she has not officially said whether she has left The Oppenheim Group yet.

She is known to keep her private life out of the spotlight, which is why her husband and children – Aidan and Elle – have not featured on the show.

She also told Women’s Health she was unable to bring her children on set due to the cost of production, and she did not want to spend any more time away from her family.

Vander has questioned how much she will actually feature in season four if the series is renewed, so she may be considering leaving once she has her broker’s license.

She said: “I think it would be a great idea and a great opportunity to possibly just do my own thing here or maybe Jason wants to do the Oppenheim Group in Miami.”

The star has also hinted she will not feature much in season four as she does not provide enough drama like some of her co-stars.

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She said she believed she had been given less screen time in season three, due to other storylines overshadowing her.

Stause’s divorce was at the centre of the last season, plus the feuds between Davina Potratz, Fitzgerald and Quinn.

She is also one of the only members to not be able to feature her family on the show, which is why she may have lost screen time.

Vander has said her husband has an important job which could be put at stake if he was to feature on a reality show, and she did not want to take that risk.

If Vander feels she will not get much screen time in the new season, she may decide to leave the group altogether.

As Vander already works with some buyers in Miami, she could devote most of her time to working there instead of LA.

Fans are hoping Vander stays a part of the series as they have fallen in love with her sense of humour and her kind heart.

Although she can be very direct, she says keeping neutral and getting along with everyone was the main priority for her.

Viewers have been looking for hints as to whether Vander has left The Oppenheim Group on her Instagram account, but she has not mentioned quitting.

Instead, she has been enjoying plenty of time with her husband and children and has posted many photos of the family together.

Selling Sunset is on Netflix now

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