Sharron Davies blasts idea of toddlers recognising they are transgender Its ridiculous

Sharron Davies blasts idea of toddlers recognising they are transgender Its ridiculous

Scotland: Sharron Davies speaks out against SNP gender policy

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The former Olympic swimmer appeared on Tuesday’s instalment of Dan Wootton Tonight on GB News after the charity Stonewall claimed children as young as two can “recognise their trans identity”. Sharron told viewers to “let kids be kids” as she fiercely disagreed with the charity’s comments. 

Stonewall, which is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights charity, has called on nurseries to be aware of teaching a binary understanding of gender. 

The charity’s tweet caused outrage, especially with Sharron who has been calling for transgender athletes to be banned from competing in female categories. 

Sharron told Dan: “I have a granddaughter who is two, and all she is interested in at the minute is how excited I get when she manages to find the potty.

“There are stacks of toys left over from my 15-year-old son and she just plays with whatever’s available so it’s ridiculous to say that a two-year-old has any idea of trans ideology.

“And to say that nurseries need to be aware of this I think is outrageous

“Let’s just let kids be kids, and stop these ridiculous stereotypes.”

The campaigner revealed she uses inheritance money from her mother to fight for what she believes in. 

She also said she disapproved of children being taught drag-time stories instead of classic fairy tales. 

“The general public is beginning to understand they don’t want drag-time stories taught to their primary school children,” she fumed. 

“There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s not appropriate, it’s adult entertainment and it’s not for children.”

Stonewall has issued a statement following its tweet about gender stereotypes and nursery-age children. 

It read: “We were commenting on an article written by a parent reflecting on how their child was being cared for at nursery.

“The parent was worried that their child was being pressured to fit in with stereotypes about boys and girls. 

“We believe that young children should be able to play, explore and learn about who they are, and the world around them, without having adults’ ideas imposed upon them.”

The charity said it is vital to make sure children do not grow up living with the stigma of being LGBTQ+. 

It added: “For primary school-aged children, this might mean, for example, learning that some children have two mummies, some have two daddies. 

“It might mean not forcing children to conform to stereotypes, and it might mean challenging bullying that relates to perceived difference.”

Sharron has come under fire over her remarks in the past, with the Olympian claiming her comments on transgender athletes led to her being “dropped” by employers.

The 59-year-old has also claimed she has received “bullying” from “vicious trans activists”.

Dan Wootton Tonight airs on GB News at 9pm on weeknights. 

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