Silo Sneak Peek: Juliette Finds Something New Outside to Puzzle Over

Silo Sneak Peek: Juliette Finds Something New Outside to Puzzle Over

This Friday on Apple TV+’s Silo, Juliette does a bit of stargazing — without even realizing it.

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In “The Janitor’s Boy,” the fifth episode of the dystopian series based on Hugh Howey’s titled Howey’s Wool/Shift/Dust trilogy, Sims (played by Common) appoints Billings (Chinaza Uche) as chief deputy to keep tabs on Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), whose efforts to solve what is now two murders lead to a showdown.

In the sneak peek above, Juliette finds herself chatting again with Lukas (Avi Nash), that IT department employee who likes to hang out in the cafeteria until closing time, and the one who recognized her name as being derived from “that play” that silo residents have only heard stories about.

(Remember, all library materials were reportedly destroyed in the long-ago rebellion that predated — and ultimately necessitated — the silo.)

Lukas has something to show Juliette in the video above, regarding the “lights” in the night sky outside. Press play to see what Lukas has realized about these mysterious lights, which he says can join the long, long list of things that silo residents will just never understand.

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