Spoilers: Alcoholic Peter in Corrie hits the bottle in devastating scenes

It’s safe to say we’re worrying about Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in Coronation Street right now. He has had a difficult time as of late getting himself involved in helping Abi Franklin’s (Sally Carman) drug addiction problems which has left him thinking about hitting the bottle again. As as upcoming scenes will tell us, the temptation to drink becomes too much as he hits the bottle in devastating scenes.

Peter tries to reassure Simon (Alex Bain) over the Oliver situation but when Carla (Alison King) has a conflicting view, Peter and Carla become embroiled in a nasty argument and Carla is left stung.

Meanwhile, out in his cab, Peter is approached by a thug. When Peter refuses to give him a lift, the thug threatens to beat him up.


Peter is attacked by the mugger and covered in blood, Peter leans against the wall, with the thug having stolen his taxi. Barry, a passerby, calls the police and offers Peter his hip flask full of whisky. Peter desperately tries but fails to fight his demons, and swigs from the hip flask.

When Peter returns home, will he tell Carla the whole truth about what happened? Or will this secret spiral into something bigger?

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