Spoilers: Carla's crash horror in Coronation Street as killer Stephen strikes

Spoilers: Carla's crash horror in Coronation Street as killer Stephen strikes

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) is determined to become the new boss of Underworld in Coronation Street and in order to do that, he will resort to some desperate and dangerous tactics.

No surprise.

Of course, the person he needs to destroy first before wearing the factory crown in Carla (Alison King), who’s incredibly switched on and most certainly (well, we think so anyways) has eyes in the back of her head.

So, Stephen needs to implement something that has the opposite effect on Carla, something that makes her tired and unable to concentrate.


LSD to be precise, which he steals from Rufus’ briefcase at the start of next week after he collapses.

Annoyed with his new role as Office Manager, Stephen’s revenge kicks off as he drugs Carla’s coffee, which makes her woozy and discombobulated.

In the pub, after drinking her spiked wine, Carla is taken home by Peter (Chris Gascoyne), who thinks his partner’s psychosis has returned.

At the end of a difficult week, Carla is handed another mug of tea laced with LSD.

When Dick Havisham calls and wonders where Carla has got to, she’s confused, unaware Stephen muddled her appointments and made it look as though her meeting was cancelled.

Heading out of the factory, Carla meets Abi (Sally Carman) at the garage, but changes her mind and hops into the Underworld van instead.

Careering down the street, Carla fails to spot Paul (Peter Ash) on Peter’s new motorbike and ends up hitting him.

As Paul winces in pain, what’s next for Carla as Stephen’s plan sees her behaviour spiral?

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