Spoilers: Elaine's whereabouts in Corrie revealed ahead of Yasmeen trial?

When Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) in Coronation Street revealed to Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) that she was Geoff Metcalfe’s (Ian Bartholomew) ex-wife, it changed everything. Someone who knew Geoff and his wicked ways visited Yasmeen and suddenly she became someone who would play a key role in showing everyone Geoff’s true nature.

Elaine’s connection to Geoff turned out to be bigger than we thought after she revealed she was in fact Tim’s (Joe Duttine) mother, after he had spent his life thinking Geoff’s second wife Tess was his biological mother.

Elaine meeting Tim for the first time in years sadly came at the wrong time for her, as it was during the months where Tim was still siding with Geoff, fully believing Yasmeen had tried to kill him and defended his dad if anyone dared to accuse him of being an abuser. After Geoff discovered Elaine was in Weatherfield, he confronted her in the ginnel, and scared the vulnerable woman so much we haven’t seen her since.

As we count down the days to the 60th anniversary celebrations that will see Yasmeen’s trial and her fate finally revealed, we also know that the end to Geoff is in sight, as his final scenes will play out this year. With no one knowing Elaine’s whereabouts, we hope we’ll discover where she’s been soon! We have to find out something before Geoff’s exit, right?

So let’s take a look at all possible theories, to try and work out what really happened to Elaine Jones:

She ran away

Let’s put things simply for a moment, after Elaine was approached by Geoff, it’s a possibility she could’ve just ran away! After Tim realised the truth about Geoff, we saw him visit Elaine’s house but returned to say it looked like she hadn’t been in the house for weeks, so perhaps she has ran away and started a new life elsewhere? At the time, Tim didn’t want to believe Elaine was his real mum, but as Elaine is unaware of Tim disowning his dad, she thinks her son doesn’t want to know her.

It’s certainly feasible that Elaine has ran away, but when she first met Yasmeen she seemed so determined to work with Yasmeen to help bring Geoff down, could that feeling really have disappeared in such a short space of time? And she’s living happier elsewhere?

She’s in Geoff’s house

Go with us on this one, Geoff holding Elaine hostage in his house makes sense! Any scenes we’ve recently seen of Geoff have either been on the cobbles, or in one of the establishments on the Street, and we’ve hardly seen him inside his house – maybe that’s because he’s keeping Elaine in there?

The few scenes we have seen of Geoff at his house have either been downstairs or in the garden, meaning Elaine might be being kept in a bedroom upstairs. Keeping Elaine in his house allows Geoff to keep her hidden from everyone and control her, meaning she isn’t able to tell anyone about his abusive behaviour, and let’s not forget how worried Geoff got when he discovered Sally (Sally Dynevor) in his house! Is it because Elaine is upstairs?

Has Elaine been living in Weatherfield all this time?

Is she being held hostage elsewhere?

If Elaine isn’t being kept in Geoff’s house, there’s a chance she is being held hostage away from everyone. Back when Daniel (Rob Mallard) stole money from Geoff, it was never really explained why Geoff needed such a huge sum of money – is this be because the money is being used for Elaine? Is he paying someone to keep Elaine hostage? Geoff has abused Yasmeen in horrific and cruel ways, and if he’s realised Elaine may be the one to destroy him, it wouldn’t surprise us if he’s gone as far as kidnapping and holding her against her will.

We’ve seen how desperate Alya (Sair Khan) is to find Elaine and bring her back to Weatherfield to help her gran, and aware of how evil Geoff is, if she begins to suspect he’s holding Elaine hostage, she’s not going to stop until her suspicions are confirmed.

Has Geoff killed her?

It’s a pretty terrifying thought to think that Geoff could’ve been pushed so far with seeing Elaine again that he’s killed her. Could he really have sunk so low he has now cut Tim’s mother out of his life for good?

Geoff probably thinks killing Elaine would mean he’d be able to continue living his life and he would win – again, but if he has killed Elaine, this will only make things so much worse. He’s taken his son’s biological mother away from him for good this time, not to mention what will change with Yasmeen’s trial! If Geoff has really murdered Elaine, has anything else happened to the previous women he’s been in a relationship with and potentially abused?

Is Elaine living elsewhere?

Poor Elaine appeared vulnerable during the short time we saw her, and when Geoff came up to her in the ginnel, she looked completely terrified.

As the mystery of Elaine’s whereabouts continues, we’re beginning to wonder if Geoff has managed to control her again, and is now living in another house with Geoff (which might explain why we rarely see Geoff in his house too). He could’ve threatened Elaine so badly, he’s forced her to move into another house, and is now being controlled by him again, which will leave her even more fragile than when we last saw her.

Has Elaine been watching Geoff all along?

Geoff’s days on the cobbles are numbered, we know he will leave by the end of the year, and how brilliant would it be if Elaine has been secretly watching Geoff all along?

After the moment Geoff scared Elaine, there’s a chance she did run away and is staying elsewhere, but is now spying on Geoff, gathering extra evidence to save Yasmeen from going to prison. If Alya, Geoff, and the other residents think Elaine has gone for good, it’ll make sneaking around and watching Geoff continue his awful and manipulative ways a whole lot easier for her.


At the very start of Elaine’s journey when she first met Yasmeen, she seemed set on helping to tell everyone the truth about Geoff, so quietly collecting enough information for the police to prove that the hospital radio DJ has been coercively controlling women and turning up at the last minute to save Yasmeen would make for a great way for Geoff’s reign to end.

Without a doubt when it comes to Geoff the biggest thing we still need to discover is what he did to Elaine . With his departure on the way, it may become a race against time as Alya and Yasmeen’s friends search for Elaine to stand as a witness in court.

Her return will play a big part in just how Geoff Metcalfe leaves the Street, and despite him being a magician he certainly hasn’t made Elaine disappear for good! She has to come back, and if Geoff has hurt her at all, it will no doubt have huge repercussions during Yasmeen’s trial and amongst the Weatherfield residents.

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