Spoilers: Janine spirals as Mick comments on first love in EastEnders

Spoilers: Janine spirals as Mick comments on first love in EastEnders

Despite having a wedding to Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) to plan in EastEnders, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is not at all secure about her relationship with the Queen Vic’s landlord. In fact her paranoia about Mick’s feelings for Linda (Kellie Bright) seems to increase by the day.

With the return of her brother, Ricky (Sid Owen), to Walford, at least Janine has an ally. She wasted no time in getting him and Mick together for a lunch to get to know each other, after which Ricky confirmed that he didn’t think Janine had anything to worry about as far as Mick was concerned.

In tonight’s episode Janine impressed on her brother that she wants him to keep an eye on Mick and persuaded Mick to take Ricky out for a drink with his mates.

On the way to this event, Mick’s car broke down and of course mechanic Ricky was soon delving under the bonnet. Then Sam (Kim Medcalf) walked past. Ricky was sympathetic over the news that Amy was in hospital, and placed a reassuring hand on her arm, which left a greasy stain on her lovely cream coat.

Now, ‘engine grease is the devil’s skidmark when it comes to ruining clothes’ according to Karen (Lorraine Stanley) when Sam took the coat to be dry cleaned. Mick was also in the laundrette to pick up Janine’s dry cleaning and used the opportunity to put in a word with Sam about ‘proper geezer’ Ricky, who still has feelings for his ex wife. ‘I’m getting the feeling he wants to reminisce,’ Mick told her. ‘Over a drink or something.’

Between Mick and Karen they persuaded Sam to give Ricky a chance. Mick said sometimes the good ones were on your own doorstep. ‘The ones who’ve seen you at your lowest. The ones that know what make you tick.’

And yes, he could well have been talking about himself and Linda when he was saying this. If Janine had been there, that’s absolutely what she’d have thought. Mick returned to the Vic and reported that he’d secured a date for Ricky with Sam. Ricky was thrilled.

Janine was less thrilled as her opinion of Sam isn’t that high, but Mick said, ‘It’s first love, innit? You never forget.’ As the smile vanished from Janine’s face Mick realised what he’d said and tried desperately to row back. ‘He never forgets. Him. Because he’s bang into her still isn’t he?’

All of this left Mick flustered and Janine silently fuming that Mick had once again had Linda in his thoughts.

It’s all gearing up towards an explosive exit for both Mick and Janine, with Charlie Brooks and Danny Dyer set to leave the show in the coming weeks.

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