Teen Mom Jenelle Evans snaps 'I don't give a f**k' at fan who told her not to post TikToks featuring husband David Eason

JENELLE Evans defended her husband, David Eason after a TikTok follower slammed her for including him in her videos.

The Teen Mom star has faced constant backlash against David, as many of her fans disagree with his social, political, and parenting views.

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Jenelle, 29, had enough of the complaints this time around, as she clapped back at a hater who suggested she leave her husband out of her future content.

The reality star shared a new video to TikTok where she and her baby daddy were driving down the road, singing an R&B song.

The mom of three captioned her clip: "Jam sessions with @easondavid 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎶 #HusbandAndWife #ThrowBack."

Though many followers showered the MTV alum in compliments, one, in particular, was not pleased by David's inclusion.

"I love your videos, but not the ones with that dude," they complained.

Jenelle was not in the mood for judgement, as she snapped back: "Well idgaf."

This was not the first time that David has caused controversy, and earlier this week he ruffled many feathers when he mocked the LGBTQ community in a sarcastic Facebook post.

On a pink and purple heart patterned backdrop, the father of three wrote: "I'm so glad that the LGBTQSS movement can bring us all together!

"With this type of unity within our community people can no longer discriminate against one another due to their sexual orientation!" he joked.

Many took to the comments to express their confusion, namely over the "SS" that the reality star added to the end.

In the comments, David explained that the acronym stood for "super straight", which ignited more fury in his followers.

 "Ur an idiot," one slammed while a second criticized with: "Jerk."

"Are you okay? Got the Corona? Got a fever?" another asked, while a third put simply: "Hacked?"

"It's called 'super straight' and it's a real thing!…. are you trying to offend my sexual orientation?" David replied facetiously.

The North Carolina native frequently shares controversial content on Facebook, and earlier this month his followers were shocked when he posted a family photo excluding his son Kaden.

Jenelle's husband updated his profile photo to an image depicting him and his family as The Incredibles.

The photo contained David, Jenelle, and their children Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley, but his son from a previous relationship, Kaden, was not included.

Disgruntled fans noticed the child's absence, as one asked: "Isn't there a kid missing or am I confused."

Another agreed: "Yeah…I feel so bad for that little boy. How do you just exclude a child from everything."

When a third inquired: "I wonder how your son feels to be excluded," David finally replied: "Ask his mother."

Kaden's mother, Olivia Leedham, dated David in the early 2010s, and the ex-couple currently has no relationship whatsoever.

The blonde has sole physical and legal custody of their son and also shares a second child from another father.

In 2014 she filed a restraining order against David, as he reportedly assaulted her while pregnant.

Jenelle and her husband have also endured volatile relations, and in 2019 the Teen Mom alum secretly moved to Nashville without his consent.

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