'Teen Mom OG': Details of Amber Portwood's Arrest Surface

'Teen Mom OG': Details of Amber Portwood's Arrest Surface

By now everyone knows Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic battery in the early morning hours of July 5. According to reports, the mother of two was embroiled in a heated argument with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, when things turned violent. Glennon texted 911 dispatchers after he failed to deescalate the situation himself. While Portwood has been bailed out of jail, her legal troubles are nowhere near over. The details of the ordeal are slowly coming to light, and they are terrifying.

What prompted Andrew Glennon to call the police on AmberPortwood

News of Portwood’s arrest broke shortly after she was hauled in by police, but details have taken a bit longer to surface. While there is no word on what prompted the argument, TMZ has reported that Portwood attempted to attack Glennon with a machete, swinging the knife at a door that Glennon was behind.


Portwood also allegedly attacked Glennon with a shoe while he was holding the couple’s child. The 911 call was received around 3 am, and police responded immediately. Glennon allegedly told dispatchers that he was in fear for his life and the life of his child. When police arrived, Glennon told authorities that Portwood’s outburst was not the first of its kind.

What charges is Amber Portwood facing?

Portwood has officially been charged in the case. The reality TV star is facing three felony charges, including one count of domestic battery and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, according to TMZ.

Portwood has also been ordered to stay away from Glennon and the couple’s one-year-old son, James. Portwood will not be allowed to see her son until the criminal case is completely resolved, which could take months.

Glennon, for his part, has moved to gain full custody of the couple’s child. According to Entertainment Tonight, he requested an emergency custody hearing in the Marion County Circuit Court. It is not known where Glennon nor Portwood are staying now. The couple had previously shared a residence.

This isn’t the first time Portwood has faced charges relatedto a domestic incident

In December 2010, Portwood was arrested after an argument with Gary Shirley. An argument broke out while MTV cameras rolled between Portwood and Shirley. Portwood attacked her then-fiancée. She was arrested and spent the evening in jail.


The TV personality was charged with one felony count of neglect and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery. She was placed on probation for the incident but later violated it. Portwood was later sent to jail after she opted for a prison term over rehab.

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