Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans gets into furious Twitter fight with Kailyn Lowry over ex Courtland Rogers

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans got in a furious row with Kailyn Lowry on Twitter after she told her ex-husband Courtland Rogers not to divorce his new wife Lindsey Frazier.

Kailyn, 27, replied to a since-deleted tweet from Courtland and urged him to "cherish what you have" prompting Jenelle, also 27, to lash out.

Kailyn wrote to Courtland: "Before you (divorce), think about why. Then ask yourself if it can be worked thru… so cherish what you have courtland! Love is a commitment"

Seeing Kailyn's post, Jenelle sniped: "Anything for attention."

Courtland and Jenelle had been married for two years from 2012, but split after she became addicted to heroin and he was jailed for possession of the drug.

In August 2018, TMZ reported he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Lindsey, with court documents revealing: "Courtland had brutally attacked a woman named Lindsey Frazier on Sunday by allegedly slapping her, dragging her by the hair and pulling her hair out."

Jenelle had made her comment beneath ex Nathan Griffith's reply to Kailyn's post, as the father of her five-year-old son Kaiser slammed Kailyn.

He ranted: "Kail really?! Why get involved with an ex that obviously gets under @PBandJenelley_1 skin?

"You don’t want the drama but then you egg on the drama. I know Jenelle has done some sh*tty things but do you honestly have to keep it going?

"Not trying to be a dick jus[t] speaking truth."

Jenelle has been getting close with her ex Nathan again amid her bitter divorce from David Eason.

Just last week, the mum-of-three took to Twitter to thank Nathan for “being there” and helping out with their son.

“Thank you for being there for Kaiser and helping out lately,” she tweeted to her baby daddy.

Nathan also gushed about Jenelle on social media, saying he’s happy they “finally have a healthy relationship”.

He added it’s “something we should have had 3-4 years ago. Especially one, that everyone, is supportive with.”

Nathan thanked his current girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt for being “so understanding”.

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