Tempers, tragedy and a very dangerous mistake in Corrie next week

Tempers, tragedy and a very dangerous mistake in Corrie next week

Tensions are rising to dangerous levels in next week’s Coronation Street episodes, and our day by day guide has all the details.

Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) is left fearing for his mum Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) when she is taken to hospital, but the truth dawns when she is confronted on the wards by drug dealer Dean.

After a violent showdown, Cassie is shaken – as is Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) who is attacked.

Later, Tyrone tries to help further by introducing Cassie to Abi Webster (Sally Carman) as a fellow addict – it does not go down well!

Another person whose fuse snaps is struggling Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott). As his reliance on steroids intensifies, he snaps at concerned Carla (Alison King) and unleashes a torrent of rage.

Amid all this, he secretly sells personal pictures online so he can pay his way.

And there’s turmoil ahead for Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) as he is once again forced to face the tragic reality of his situation.

Monday August 21

Telling Tyrone she is going to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to start looking for somewhere to stay Cassie actually meets up with her drug dealer Dean who turns nasty as she owes him money.

Seeing Cassie fall to the ground in pain Michael insists on taking her to hospital. Dean follows them and when Ronnie arrives at A&E he sees Michael in the middle of a row with Dean.

When Dean punches Michael Ronnie reckons they should call the police, but Cassie asks them not to. When Michael tells Ronnie that this sort of thing happens all the time to Aggie Ronnie is shocked and uses the information to get Ed to go in on the deal so Aggie can retire. Will Ed agree?

Todd finds a card that George had thrown in the bin from Troy at Rest Easy with a message asking Todd to have a chat about his future career. Todd confides in Glenda who says he should ask for a pay rise. When George is evasive Todd calls Troy and arranges a meeting.

Troy offers Todd a job at RestEasy on a salary of £30k plus bonus. Todd’s impressed and promises to think about it. Will he accept?

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Peter confides in Ryan how he owes Rufus’s wife £15k and could really do with some rent off him. Ryan promises to do what he can to help. When Ryan reveals that he’s off to the bistro to ask for some shifts so that he can pay his way, Carla’s annoyed to realise that Peter’s been putting pressure on him.

Ryan receives a message from Liv, one of his followers. He messages back and enjoys the banter until she asks him to drop his trousers and send him a pic. What will he do?

In the flower shop flat, Billy notices Paul struggling with his right leg. Paul does his best to cover, secretly dismayed at his deterioration. Billy returns home with a walking aid for Paul. When Paul admits that the walking aid will take some getting used to, Billy suggests a wheelchair instead, but Paul’s horrified at the very idea.

Wednesday August 23

Frustrated that he can’t pay his way Ryan tells Sean and Daisy he is hoping to start making money from his socials. They warn him that the only way to do that is by selling seriously dodgy pics.

Ryan arranges to meet Daisy for a drink later but when he discovers that Daniel and Daisy are moving in together he doesn’t turn up for the drink. Daisy calls to check up on him at the flat but he assures her he is fine. Daisy’s pleased but as she heads off, Ryan’s façade slips.

Struggling with his emotions, Ryan goes onto the O-Vidz website and creates a new profile and posts his first video. He receives a message from Liv describing him as awesome and demanding more, Ryan checks his account to see that he has new subscribers and the money is flowing in.

Ryan lies to Carla and Peter that he’s now officially an online fitness influencer, he’ll soon be raking it in and able to pay his own way.

Billy presents Paul with an engagement ring for his birthday. Paul’s overcome with emotion. But when he turns up at the Bistro for the joint party with Gemma he is overwhelmed to see so many people. Gemma suggests he take Bryn outside for a run around at the park.

When Bryn runs off Paul tries to go after him but crashes to the ground. Back at the flat Paul admits he can’t manage the stairs. Billy enlists Todd’s help and between them they carry Paul up to the flat. Paul feels utterly humiliated. Paul reluctantly admits it might be time for a stair lift.

Over breakfast, George makes it clear to Todd that their working relationship is over. Eileen urges George to bury the hatchet with Todd and pay him a decent salary. George tells Eileen that he needs a replacement for Todd who’s accepted the job at RestEasy and he thinks she would be terrific.

Ronnie tells Debbie that he took her advice and bought the Newton & Ridley shares with the money from the Tavern Mews project. When Dee-Dee offers to help out with the admin and the accounts for their new business, Ed’s delighted whilst Ronnie masks his panic.

At No.9, Tyrone introduces Cassie to Kevin and Abi and explains that Abi is a recovering drug addict too. Cassie is furious.

Friday August 25

Paul gets into the spirit of Pride and is up for fancy dress. But he is dismayed when his occupational therapist agrees with Billy that it is probably time for a wheel chair.

Paul is angry at Billy and when David reveals that he found Paul knocking back vodka on a bench, Billy blames himself and explains that they had an argument. Billy watches as three drag queens help Paul out of a taxi and carry him into the Rovers. As everyone rallies round him Paul gets upset that it will be his last ever Pride.

Ryan receives a message from a man called Guy offering to pay for some private photos. Ryan takes his top off and carefully hiding his scars, uploads some pictures. But what will he do when Guy offers him £100 for a video of his full body and face?

Ryan reads a derogatory comment online about his scarred body. Carla urges him to ignore it, but clearly fuelled by testosterone, Ryan loses his temper. Hurling a glass across the room, Ryan rages at Carla.

As Todd prepares for his first RestEasy wake, he’s shocked when Troy urges him to cash in on the family’s grief by flogging them a more expensive urn. When George sets off to meet a client about a wake, Mary offers to go with him and take notes.

George is dubious but grateful for her help. In the Rovers, Todd makes out that he’s enjoying his new job whilst George pretends that Mary’s a natural at undertaking, both of them secretly wishing they still worked together.

At No.8, Lily opens her birthday presents whilst David and Shona congratulate Max on passing his GCSEs. In the café, a stressed Carla tells Sarah that they need to find another European distributor.

Stephen calls at the Rovers and invites Jenny to join him at a wine tasting event later but she is less than pleased when she ends up at Lily’s birthday party. Can Stephen win her round?

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