The Chair Netflix cast: Who is in the cast?

The Chair Netflix cast: Who is in the cast?

The Chair: Sandra Oh stars in trailer for Netflix series

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The Chair is the next in Netflix’s ever-growing selection of comedy series, this time centring around a college campus. The show will premiere on August 20 and is set to be one of the biggest releases for the platform this year. has all the details on the dynamic cast.

Who is on the cast of The Chair?

The Chair boasts an impressive cast and talent behind the camera, and the buzz surrounding the series ahead of its release reflects that.

The six-part series will follow a college professor as she becomes the first woman of colour to become chair.

The official synopsis reads: “At a major university, the first woman of colour to become chair tries to meet the dizzying demands and high expectations of a failing English department.”

The first trailer dropped last month and since then fans have been eager to soak up all the information they can ahead of the premiere.

Ji-Yoon Kim – Sandra Oh

Leading the series is Sandra Oh, playing Ji-Yoon Kim, the college professor that is making waves as the new chair of the university.

She is the head of Pembroke University’s struggling English department, brought on board to whip it back into shape.

Throughout the series Ji-Yoon will have to deal with budget cuts, difficult colleagues, and unruly students, making her job less than easy.

Oh has exploded in popularity after starring in Killing Eve as Eve Polastri, she is also known for Grey’s Anatomy and Invincible.

The star has been sharing updates about the show on her Instagram, recently writing: “Change in plans – the Chair premieres Aug 20th on Netflix!”

Bill Dobson – Jay Duplass

Jay Duplass is on board as Professor Bill Dobson, a colleague of Kim’s that is plagued with controversy.

He performed an offensive gesture in a lecture, prompting students to call into question his teaching.

This will be just another headache Ji-Yoon will have to deal with, but it is only the start of the problems at Pembroke.

Duplass has starred in countless comedies and dramas, recently being seen in Cinema Toast, Sasquatch, and Room 104.

Ju-Hee – Everly Carganilla

Ji-Yoon’s young daughter, Everly Carganilla stars as Ju-Hee Kim, or JuJu as she is affectionately known as.   

The young star is a newcomer to acting but did appear in Netflix’s Yes Day.

After The Chair, she will be starring in The Afterparty, a show which will be retelling the same night through different characters’ perspectives.

She will be starring alongside Dave Franco, Genevieve Angelson and Sam Richardson.

Yaz McKay – Nana Mensah

One of the English Professors suffering from declining student numbers of the department, Nana Mensah stars as Yaz McKay.

Yaz is known for her progressive teaching and is personal friends with Ji-Yoon.

Most fans will recognise the star from 13 Reasons Why, where she played the role of Amara Josephine Achola.

She also starred in Bonding, The King of Straten Island and Queen of Glory.

Elliot Rentz – Bob Balaban

English professor Elliot Rentz is played by Bob Balaban, who is a veteran in the department.

This has caused him to become resistant to change, despite the fact the department is suffering its worst uptake in years.

Balaban is a Hollywood legend, starring in projects such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Capote, and Gosford Park.

Joan Hambling – Holland Taylor

Rounding out the main cast is Holland Taylor as Joan Hambling, another member of the English department at Pembroke.

Some of Taylor’s recent roles include Hollywood, Mr Mercedes and Better Things, before that she starred in Two and a Half men as Evelyn Harper.

The Chair will be available to watch on Netflix from August 20.

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