The Chase controversy as fans convinced Anne Hegerty swears on air: What did she say?

The Chase controversy as fans convinced Anne Hegerty swears on air: What did she say?

The Chase: Anne Hegerty seems to say said a rude word

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Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty left The Chase viewers gobsmacked after they were convinced she used a swear word on Monday’s episode of the ITV programme presented by Bradley Walsh. Fans took to social media as they couldn’t believe the Chaser would curse on the quiz show which airs at 5pm on weekdays. 

During the show, contestant Lucy was asked which finger had the medical name “digitus Secundus manus”.

The three options were the index finger, the middle finger or the ring finger, and Lucy thought the right answer was the middle finger. 

However, the answer was the index finger – which Anne had also incorrectly missed after opting for the same answer as Lucy.

Anne explained: “I wasn’t sure [about the answer] as the thumb is called the pollux.

“So I thought maybe it didn’t count as a digitus because it’s got its own name.” 

But Anne’s explanation of the correct anatomical name for the thumb left viewers questioning her choice of words. 

Viewers mistakenly thought Anne uttered the word b******s on The Chase in response to the question.

Kyle S tweeted: “Did Anne just say ‘b******s’ on national television at 5pm?”

Graham Vickers added: “The thumb is called the what? #TheChase”

Claire said: “[I] really thought Anne said the thumb was called the b******s.”

Grant Ravenhill directly tweeted Anne asking her whether she called a thumb “the b*****s” on the show. 

However, some users corrected concerned viewers on Anne’s answer. 

User Snappy Shack said: “I believe she said ‘pollex’, which is the correct name for the thumb.”

R.A. Poe added: “Pollex, is Latin for thumb.”

The medical name for the thumb is the “pollux” and the big toe the “hallux”.

This is common in other languages too as, in Latin, the thumb is known as the pollex. 

Unfortunately, Lucy was unable to get through to the final of the show. 

However, her fellow contestants Dave, Kathryn and Adam made it through to the last round of the episode. 

They managed to take home an impressive £17,000 between them. 

The Chase airs on ITV weekdays at 5pm. 

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