'The Chase' Writers Strike Ends as ITV and WGA Reach Agreement

Sooo…can we get that official renewal now, ABC?

ABC/Ron Batzdorff

ITV Entertainment and the Writers Guild of America, East have come to terms for the writers on ABC game show “The Chase” to be represented by the WGAE.

Yes, the short-lived strike is over.

“ITV Entertainment and the WGAE are pleased to have come to terms for writers on ‘The Chase’ to be represented by the WGAE and for the show to be covered by the Minimum Basic Agreement,” the two said in a joint statement on Monday. “We are in agreement that fair and positive work practices are essential to our industry and that, especially during the ongoing battle of the pandemic, the priority is to keep production going and to ensure that people can do their work and build sustainable careers. We are glad to have come to terms and that the process is completed.”

Preproduction on Season 2 of “The Chase” is underway, though ABC has not officially — or at least publicly — renewed the series yet.

More to come…

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