The Masked Singer: Hedgehog’s identity ‘revealed’ by Joel Dommett in This Morning blunder

There are just three contestants left in the ITV show, Hedgehog, Octopus and Queen Bee, with the show’s finale this weekend. Host Joel Dommett joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield live on This Morning today to discuss The Masked Singer, but he seems to have revealed the true identity of Hedgehog and it is not who you might have thought.

Last weekend after weeks of guesses, Fox and Monster were finally unmasked. 

Whereas the judges have failed to guess the celebrity behind some of the masks, Fox and Monster seemed easily guessed as Denise Van Outen and CeeLo Green due to the clues given and CeeLo’s distinctive voice. 

Foz has been playing The Masked Singer detective though and has since revealed she believes Queen Bee in none other than Little Mix star Jade Thirwall.

This isn’t the only guess, a couple of weeks ago footballing legend Teddy Sheringham revealed he believed Louise Redknapp was taking part.

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Today, host Joel Dommett joined Holly and Phillip live in the This Morning studio to discuss all the backstage gossip. 

Holly began: “We’ve got Hedgehog, Octopus and Queen Bee still in the running.

“We have no idea who they are, but we’ve got an exclusive clip now that you sent us and this is Hedgehog and his final performance.”

The clip showed Hedgehog singing ‘Cry Me a River’ by Michael Buble.

There have been so many guesses as to who is behind Hedgehog, the three most popular guesses have been Michael Ball, Alfie Boe and Jason Manford. 

Joel explained: “Hedgehog has really thrown people off because they were very posh at the beginning and then he turned into someone else.

“Then it went a bit Manchester yeah and now it’s kind of back to Buble again.”

Holly suddenly interrupted and probed further into this, she said: “Is it Michael Buble?”

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Joel looked like he’d given the game away but quickly replied: “It’s not Buble. Damn it I just gave it away on This Morning.” 

Phillip chipped in: “It’s been the best kept secret on TV and so we are all on the edge of our seats but what I am going to ask you though, am I going to go ‘oh you are joking!’?”

Joel explained: “You genuinely will, especially, there’s one name that I think everyone that filmed it did not expect it to be that person and I think it is the person that has alluded everyone throughout the entire thing it’s so good.”

Holly asked: “Has anyone guessed it?”


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He explained: “Yeah some people have, but to throw spanners in the works, sometimes people on social media who it is are saying it isn’t them.

Phillip added: “You want the red herrings, you want the smoke and mirrors.”

“Some people are just so big and of course you have to cater for everyone because there is such a wide viewership on ITV.”

But who do you think is behind the remaining masks and will it be who the viewers have put their money on?

The Masked Singer concludes on ITV on Saturday at 7pm. 

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