The Simpsons confirms black actor will take over role of Carl Carlson after major 'whitewashing' backlash

THE Simpsons have revealed a black actor will now voice the character of Carl Carlson.

The popular sitcom faced criticism in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd's death.

Therefore, the series' creative team promised to no longer have white actors voice non-white characters.

Variety reported that Carl will now be voiced by Alex Désert, 52, who has taken over from Hank Azaria.

Fans will hear the black character's new voice in the upcoming Season 32 premiere.

Désert is known for his role as Julio Mendez in CW's The Flash, as well as appearances on shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Better Things and Becker.

It is a changing of the guard of sorts for The Simpsons, as the Springfield's nuclear power plant employee has been voiced by Hank Azaria, 56, since the show began in December 1989.

Speaking on racial issues back in 2018, Hank said: "I think it’s really important when people express themselves about racial issues, what they feel is unfair or upsetting or distressing or makes them angry, sad or hurt."

He added: "The most important thing to do is listen, try to understand, try to sympathize, which is what I’m doing.

"I know that The Simpsons guys are doing that too; they’re giving it a lot of thought, and we’ve discussed a little bit. They will definitely address — maybe publicly, certainly creatively within the context of the show — what they want to do, if anything, with the character."

It was reported earlier this month that Stranger Things star David Harbour will star in The Simpsons' newest series as undercover Mr Burns.

The Stranger Things hunk does not play himself but instead appears as a look-a-like character called Fred.

Mr Burns is transformed into Fred and goes undercover at the nuclear power plant to check on his employees.

The ruthless businessman soon becomes friends with Homer and the gang and implements all sorts of perks to improve his employees' lives.

But jealous assistant Smithers plots to bring the old, bitter Burns back and destroy Fred.

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