The sweet moment Piers Morgan shares his Tric Award win for Best News Presenter with Susanna Reid

The sweet moment Piers Morgan shares his Tric Award win for Best News Presenter with Susanna Reid

PIERS Morgan chivalrously shared his Tric Awards win for Best News Presenter with his former GMB co-star Susanna Reid last night.

The presenter quit the show in March after refusing to apologise for comments he made about Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

But before the controversial end to his time on the show, Piers was widely praised for his tough interviews holding politicians and government ministers to account during the pandemic.

Taking to the stage to collect his award last night, Piers said: "I know it ended a bit dramatically earlier this year but we had an amazing run – five years on that show I did. And I spent all five years on that show with Susanna Reid.

"And it's a bit weird, you end up like you've got this extra wife and she doesn't even get the good bits.

"And they're very good bits I have to say. When I heard we were both nominated for this, it just seemed to me that if I won, I only won this as part of a team.

"And so, we saw each other earlier and I know she's here, and I would like to invite Susanna up to share this award with me."

Susanna, looking great in a glamorous red dress, gave her friend a peck as she joined him on the stage.

Returning his compliments, she said: "I just second every single word you said about our team. It has been a huge responsibility for us and an honour and a privilege throughout the lockdown and thank you to everyone at Good Morning Britain.

"And, obviously, thank you to everyone on screen and behind the screens."

Susanna then said to Piers: "And obviously a huge thank you to you as well. It was a remarkable five years. It was tough, it was challenging.

"You can start an argument in an empty room and I've never known anyone get so worked up about sausage rolls."

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