This Morning fans floored as OnlyFans model says best ever sex was with God

This Morning fans floored as OnlyFans model says best ever sex was with God

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield made sure to keep straight faces when talking to Nita Marie about her sex life with God on Wednesday's episode of This Morning.

The 45-year-old told the TV presenters that God is a hugely important part of her life, and she wants to incorporate Him into every aspect of what she does, including sex.

Nita Marie said, "God is a lover, that is my personal opinion."

The strong Christian said that she frequently makes love to God, even when her husband doesn't realise He's there, and that he is "the best sex she's ever had".

She compared her sex with God to racy scenes from romantic film The Notebook, and says every time she has sex with her husband with God there "it has that same passion".

Although Nita is proud of her relationship with God, Phil had questions he wanted answered.

Phil, who came out as gay last year, asked Nita how she knows if God is on board with what she's doing when many religions think of sex in a negative light.

As a controversial figure, Nita is used to critics, she knows there is "a bit of a moral conflict happening."

She said that many people have accused her in the past of not being in her right mind, "People have said 'she's listening to Satan and not listening to God.'"

Although people don't always see eye to eye with Nita, she is happy for God to remain a part of her sex life.

Nita said, "He wanted me to celebrate my body and love my body and to love my sexuality because it's something natural that a lot of women don't feel good in."

Fans took to Twitter however, to say otherwise.

One fan wrote, "Honestly I’ll never understand religion. Live your life for you, not for an imaginary person you’ve been taught to fear from a young age."

Another tweeted, "This Morning turning in to the Jerry Springer Show"

A third social media user wrote, "As an agnostic I feel like this is really offensive to any religions where they worship God tbh."

Some fans praised Holly and Phil for managing to take Nita seriously, "How are Phil and Holly keeping straight faces? This is why they deserve an NTA."

Despite her critics, Nita says she enjoys God having such a big role in her life. She is also happy to maintain her OnlyFans site.

Nita said she didn't want to let her fans down, as many of them are lonely and need her.

However, God has not always been a part of Nita's sex life.

In her previous marriage she went seven years without sex after her husband became asexual.

It's fair to say Nita's lifestyle has changed.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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