This Morning gets hundreds of Ofcom complaints after Bev Turner says Covid jab ‘doesn’t work’ and insults Boris Johnson

THIS Morning has been flooded with Ofcom complaints after a bitter row broke out on Monday's show.

News review guest Beverley Turner sparked nearly 100 objections with her remarks about the Covid vaccine – and Boris Johnson's sex life.

Viewers were astonished when host Dermot, 48, got caught up in the debate and clashed repeatedly with the TV and radio star when she said the vaccine wasn't effective.

Bev, 47, insisted young people are better off rejecting it, saying: "It does not stop you catching or passing on the virus."

But exasperated This Morning host Dermot told her loudly and sternly: "It does."

However, though 122 complaints were made about the segment, 27 of them supported Bev, insisting Dermot and guest Matthew Wright's claims about the jab weren't correct.

He said: "The finest minds of science have – in an extraordinary short amont of time – come up with this vaccine. It's proven it's working, statistically. Why are you so cynical?"

She replied bluntly: "We have no long-term data."

But Dermot, clearly annoyed, said: "We don't have a chance to have long-term data because we have this virus that's killing people around the whole world.

"We don't have that luxury, surely. Why are you so sceptical about the whole thing?"

Bev told him: "Because of the fact, there's a 99.8 per cent survival rate from Covid-19. The average age of death is 82."

The show descended into heated scenes with everyone, bar This Morning co-host Alison Hammond, trying to make their point.

At one point Matthew, 55, the other guest on Monday's news review, called Beverley "massively irresponsible".

Many fans cheered him and Dermot for his tough stance with one tweeting: "Dermot is getting P***ED!"

And there was yet more controversy when Bev was asked about her opinion on the marriage of Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson.

She replied: "Every time I see them I just think: ‘She has to have sex with Boris Johnson.'"

Ofcom today told The Sun it has received 53 complaints about Bev's comments about vaccination.

It said there were 27 about Dermot and Matthew's remarks, which included that the Covid jab does stop you catching or passing on the virus.

There were 13 complaints related to Alison Hammond saying she would be scared to have the jab and 27 about the remarks about the PM.

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