Tipping Point fans distracted as contestant unveils unusual chimney sweep career

Tipping Point fans distracted as contestant unveils unusual chimney sweep career

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Tipping Point fans were left convinced they'd somehow travelled back in time on Monday, as one player revealed his rather unusual career path.

Contestants Tom, Francesca, Mel and Jeff had all stepped up to their podiums for a chance at scoring the jackpot from the Tipping Point machine, with host Ben Shephard aiming some pretty tough questions at them.

But as each player made their introductions, Tom revealed he a chimney sweep – leaving fans wondering if they had accidentally stepped into a time machine.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Did he say 'a chimney sweep' – is this edition from Edwardian times?!"

Another followed up: "Tom the chimney sweep. Wait, what year is it? #TippingPoint."

While someone else said: "Is Tom from 1887? A bloody chimney sweep!".

Later, Tom correctly answered a question about Queen Victoria's reign – leading to even more gentle teasing on social media, as a fourth fan echoed: "Tom was a mere child going up chimneys when Queen Victoria died!"

However, someone else leapt to his defence, telling fans: "Believe it or not there are still chimney sweeps these days, not just in Victorian times! #TippingPoint."

Tom looked absolutely chuffed as he received a question within his realm of interest – concerning charcoal.

The chimney sweep grinned as he correctly answered the tricky bit of trivia, with one viewer appropriately posting to Twitter: "Chimney sweep gets a question about charcoal!"

Even Ben chipped in with a comment of his own, telling Tom: "It is charcoal, Tom! Something I imagine you know quite a lot about as a chimney sweep!"

Tom finally made it through to the last head-to-head alongside Mel, competing with her for a chance to play for the coveted jackpot counter.

Fans were also left distracted during Monday's show by a pronunciation mishap from presenter Ben, during a question about cheese.

As Ben struggled with a tongue-twister about gouda – which many fans argued should be said 'gow-da' – Ben instead pronounced it 'goo-da'.

Quickly turning to Twitter, one viewer penned: "Funny pronunciation of Gouda!".

While someone else joked: "Ben says Gooda, I say Gowda. Gooda, Gowda. Eether, either. Let's call the whole thing off! #TippingPoint."

It was Tom who was finally announced as the episode's champion, and squared up to the machine for a chance to win a whopping £10,000 – or £20,000 if combined with the double counter.

Tipping Point airs from 4pm weekdays on ITV.

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