What did The Bachelorette's Ben Smith tell Tayshia Adams about his multiple suicide attempts?

THE Bachelorette’s Ben Smith opened up to Tayshia Adams about his past suicide attempts during an emotional one-on-one date Tuesday night. 

Ben, 29, said in the honest confession that he was “completely lost” following breaking his back as an Army ranger and losing his military career in 2017. 

What did The Bachelorette's Ben Smith tell Tayshia Adams about his multiple suicide attempts?

The 6”1’ Los Angeles native scored solo time with The Bachelorette leading lady when he was asked on a date at their Palm Springs resort. 

As the frontrunner sat down with Tayshia, 30, he began to dive deep into his past. 

Ben discussed how he left home at 18 to join the Army and has been “conditioned” to hide his “vulnerability.”

“It's easier for me to do this than to say the wrong thing or be overtly vulnerable or share a thing that's really uncomfortable for me," he explained. 

He continued: "2018 was a rough year for me. I left a career that I thought I was going to be in forever. 

“The Army didn't end up working out for me, for a number of reasons, but I ended up breaking my back pretty bad, and I'm 26 years old.

“And I can barely walk up the steps, and I was living in a city that was too expensive for me, and I was completely lost.

“My life was very dark, and I didn't know how to say that I needed things. I don't know if you can relate with that, or how that can be. 

“The only person I confided in was my sister, and I'm trying to give you the whole picture." 

After he took a long pause, Ben then opened up about his past suicide attempts. 

As Tayshia looked on worried, he told her: “I had two failed suicide attempts in 2018 and 2019.

“I don't mean to, like, throw that on you. It's a weird thing to do here. My sister, she doesn't know, and I guess she'll know now." 

He continued: ”But I didn't want to be here anymore, and for the same reason that I don't like to share, it's because I didn't want to burden anybody with my problems.

“I thought that the easiest way was to just not be around. Luckily, it didn't work. And the only thing that got me through that was her.

“[My sister] has no idea. She saved my life, and so I owe her everything." 

Ben revealed by being “very intentional and aggressive with therapy,” he is “not the same person” he was last year. 

In response, Tayshia assured him: "You're okay. And I'm still right here. I see you and I hear you, and that's all I've been wanting. 

“I've been wanting you to open up to me. You’re an amazing person." 

"I don't want to cry, but thank you. It literally means the world to me,” Ben tearfully said in return. 

After he got the date rose, the lovebirds danced to a romantic live show as their relationship continues next week. 

Following the episode airing, Ben posted a selfie and updated fans he's "still going" with a positive message.

"The world is better with you in it. Keep going, BB," he wrote on Instagram alongside a heart.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesday’s at 8pm EST on ABC. 

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